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Let’s take a moment to remember all the crazies that have and continue to make us determined to re-elect Barack Obama. The reason? Because the other side is flirting, if not dangerously having an affair with a boat load of utter nut cases.

Out of their own mouths:

A group of nuns, (definitely not the ones the Vatican has trouble with) has made a video they are distributing to alert us to the consequences of *gasp* contraception. It has to do with pheromones, and monkeys (really chimps) going gay when the girls were given contraception. So using contraception promotes gayness among men and causes women to dress really nasty to get attention. The group of nuns is disseminating the video first in the swing states.

Quinn Hillyer over at the American Spectator remarks:

Every available bit of evidence shows that Obama doesn’t understand why we love America, or what it is about America that we love. Obama not only doesn’t really admire the Constitution the way we do; he doesn’t even revere the Declaration.

One wonders what he evidence is. Oh, right. There isn’t any.

Michael Ackley over at that bizarre rag World News Daily had this to say:

So, what if we had an American president, raised from infancy through the formative years to recognize that our country’s virtues far outweigh its flaws? What if we had a president who was instructed during his adolescence and collegiate years about the genius and fortitude of our nation’s founders?

What if we had a president who revered the Constitution as a living document, not because he could stretch it to fit his wants, but because of its rigidity in the exaltation of freedom?

Indeed, what if, you had something to say rather than just suggest that he wasn’t raised “American”. Inferences  and innuendo make for some interesting speculation don’t they?

Owen Strachan, who looks for all the world to be about 17, is a “professor” at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, in Louisville. He says stay-at-home dads are antithetical to the bible:

“. . .[B]ut I would say then from a broad biblical theology that men are called to be leaders, providers, protectors and women are nurturers.”

But he hastened to add, that doesn’t mean that a guy can’t wash a dish or two when the little woman has clearly had a long day doing all that nurturing stuff.

Yeah, how big of ya, you big old provider you.

Bishop E.W. Jackson thinks the Democratic Party is a bunch of Satanists:

we want to send an Open Letter to the church community all across the country urging them to realize that the Democrat Party is about to become the party of Christian persecution in America. Already they call us bigots and haters for not bowing to political correctness regarding same-sex marriage. They call us “Islamophobes” because we are concerned about Islamic radicalism and Sharia law. They say we hate women because we fight for the lives of unborn children. They are supporting the rise of the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt under the guise of the “Arab Spring.” Ask Israel about the Arab spring. Egypt has now become an enemy on their border. The long peace is over. Billions of tax payer dollars are being sent to the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt, while they torture Christians and burn down churches. These are the policies of the Democrat Party, polices of Christian persecution.

Christians in his view are simply persecuted. Democrats aren’t Christians I guess, none of them.

And get a load of ApolloSpeaks:

But die he will as Romney will rise to the occasion and beat him. The man who defeated the brilliant and formidable Newt Gingrich in debate and turned around his faltering primary campaign will do so again tomorrow as there are more targets on Obama’s failed presidency than he can shoot at. And what’s coming is overwhelmingly confirmed by the signs; for tomorrow is an ill-omened day ruled by the number 13 signifying (as I’ve said so many times) the Spirit of 1776 and 13 revolutionary states that were opposed philosophically to Obama’s big government ideology thus making the day politically inauspicious for him-as other days have been since he took office. Just look at the following:
 1. The month and day of the debate October 3rd, or 10-3 give us the number 13.
2. October 3rd is the 1352nd day of Obama’s presidency. 1352 is the 52nd number in the 1300 series and a multiple of 13 104x.
3. October 3rd falls on the 78th week of the Obama campaign*. 78 is a multiple of 13 6x.
*The campaign actually began April 4, 2011 the 43rd anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination an unlucky day for America’s first black president.
4. October 3rd coincides with the 613th month of Obama’s life. 613 is the 13th number of the 600 series*.
*August 4, 1961 (Obama’s birth) to October 3, 2012 is 51 years, 1 month and 29 days or 613 months.
5. The place of the debate, the University of Colorado, has a numeric value of 104, a multiple of 13 8x, hence:
           3594591927 66  36369146  = 104*
*Based on the following numerological system: A to I is 1-9; J to R is. 1-9; S to Z is 1-8
NOTE: When on February 17, 2009 Obama signed his ill-fated stimulus bill into law (it passed the Senate three days before on the 13th) the ceremony was held at 1300 hours at the Denver Museum of Nature And Science. This has a numeric value of 130 a multiple of 13 10x.
Apart from the unlucky date Denver is not an auspicious place for Obama to have these debates.

In case you were wondering, tomorrow is Mitt’s lucky day, based on more fun math hijinks.

Oh what it must be like to wander around in Apollo’s mind of crackerjacks.

LLPH says that this is what is wrong with America:

the main reason that the failure, Barack Obama, might be reelected lies, I believe, in the altered character of the American people. For a century, and especially in the last 40 years, the people have been subjected to a one-sided presentation – sometimes overt, but more often subtle – that borders on brainwashing. The people are programmed to believe that the Founders’ principles were bigoted, racist, anti-women, homophobic, slanted to the benefit of the wealthy, xenophobic in their view of America’s place in the world, prejudiced in favor of Christianity, and certainly outdated now more than two centuries after their conception. Those principles must be replaced by more egalitarian, multicultural, ecumenical principles focused more on collective security than individual liberty, environmental concerns rather than entrepreneurial excesses, and world order rather than American exceptionalism.

Funny, but I don’t remember any of that from my high school civics class.

But, now you know. You are still sane. Today at least. Can’t promise ya about tomorrow!