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The biggest problem with being a conspicuous, notorious and pathological liar is that it’s hard to keep them all straight. Yesterday was a case in point.

Romney was speakin’ to his peeps about the usual crap, when he says that, “while Obama has not raised taxes on the middle class so far, he will if he’s re-elected.”

Ryan, winces and then attempts to cover that up. Portman just looks bored out of his skull, not listening at all apparently.

The fact is Romney is correct in the first part. The President has not raised taxes on the middle class during his term. In fact he has lowered taxes on the middle class. But that has never been the GOP meme. They have consistently lied that he has. And Romney of course forgot that the LIE was the GOP TRUTH, and got mixed up and actually, by mistake told the truth.

Such is life when you’re losing.

So now of course, it’s all the polls fault. When nothing else works, blame it on pollsters who as we all know, are simply lying cheating bastards intend on screwing Republicans. Except that of course, they aren’t. Some are skewed for one side or the other of course. PPP is reliably left leaning and Rasmussen is absurdly GOP, to the point that few people pay any attention to their “predictions” which are more akin to wishes. Nate Silver however, is almost scary right most of the time. And the CBS, Washington Post, ABC are pretty close to the mark most of the time. Gallup is leaning right a bit. Fox is closer to Rasmussen. But even Gallup and Fox are in the +Obama land. Soooo, it ‘s just a way to lie about what they can’t get away from.


In case ya didn’t hear, a GOP operative in Iowa said that if Ryan wanted a political career after this debacle, he would have to get the Romney stench off of him. Now this went viral from a presumed satirical piece from Politico which had Paulie referring to Romney as “Stench” and that Romney’s people refer to Ryan as “Gilligan”. Who knows the truth, but I kinda like the name Stench, don’t you? I know I curl up my nose when ever I see the man these days. He’s distasteful and a bit smelly. He doesn’t have the smell of fresh air, but of a cesspool with his questionable ethics of campaigning.


Just a thought: Somebody needs to tabulate just how much taxpayer money has been expended in states across the land to (1) suppress the vote, especially in purging non-existent fraudulent voters, and (2) nefarious attempts to put roadblocks in the way of women exercising their human right to contraceptive care and abortion. I bet it would be an eye-opener. So much for the GOP pledge of “jobs, jobs, jobs.


There is a cartoon around about Rush Limbaugh. It’s been around a while. It shows him with an gi-normous belly and a tiny tiny tiny (I mean really tiny) wiener. Such cartoons are well beneath me to publish again of course. But I do sympathize, as all women would of course. Read Campaign Indecision’s take on the matter. Hey a laugh is good on Thursday.


Meanwhile, conservative Matt Barber tries to keep a stiff upper lip, by claiming that media remarks that Romney isn’t pulling in the crowds is a media lie. Well.

Problem is, the rally in the photograph, is an Obama rally from 2008. Oops.


Since I sit in the pew every Sunday, and I go to a fairly conservative Catholic church (there ain’t no other in Las Cruces), I am subjected to the “Catholic speech” on our “threatened” religious freedom, the yack-yack of the protection of life from conception, and all the rest of the much ballyhooed “Catholic” morality stuff.

Thus it amuses me greatly that the polls continue to indicate that the vast majority of Catholics in this country continue to do just as they please regarding social issues. Pew Research shows that 54% of them favor the President, and only 39% for Romney. It appears that Ryan, who is a Catholic, has had no appreciable effect on boosting Romney’s numbers.

One has to wonder how many decades (centuries?) it will take before the Catholic hierarchy once again bears any resemblance to the flock it tends. We in the progressive end of the Church join with the nuns across the country and pray that the Holy Spirit might find a way to enter into the iron-clad facade the Vatican has erected to keep out common sense.


The story of this election may well be that of the super-pacs and their relatively lackluster performance in guaranteeing victory for their side. Frank Rich has a good article on the dilemma faced by the Right. They have poured in millions and have very little to show for it. And he chats about Ryan and Willard’s taxes. Always fun.

Well enough of all that. I’m water-logged from swimming and have dinner to prepare. Ain’t life grand?