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Dat man and the kids have gone camping some place where the crazy lady don’t know. He knew better than to be around when Sistah Sarah learned that the TV movie, Game Changer did pretty darn well at the Emmys last night.

Oh she was no doubt throwing things, maybe so far that they landed in Russia. Who knows. The lamestream media skewered her once again, reminding America that she was such a ditz-douche, and played a good share in the reason why the old warrior and war-mongering senile mean guy, John S. McCain was not destined to occupy the White House.

I would have liked to have witnessed her ire when Julianna Moore won as best actress. Ms. Moore, laughed and thanked everyone for the validation because as she reported, Ms. Palin had given her performance a “thumbs down.”

But actually she might be secretly pleased, since she loves to play the poor victim, which can be witnessed almost any time she is on Foxy Noise, which I’m guessin’ won’t be too much longer since nobody gives a flying FuManchu what she has to say about nuttin.’ Ahh, fame, thy life can be brief.


I don’t know if you watched the Great Wonder Willard on 60 Minutes last night or not. But Wiggly Willard actually said that the vast numbers of uninsured under his “non-health care plan” could go to the emergency rooms for treatment. He smiled when he said it. Next question?

Sarah Kliff, writing on Ezra Klein’s blog, Wonk Blog,  points out the fallacy of that stupid answer.


We keep bringing this up because latest numbers suggest that as many as 10 million people could be prevented from voting across the nation. There are number of brilliant reports on it, and you can find them all listed again at Ezra Klein’s blog. And he has a list of other good reads for the day as well, so go take a scroll down the page!


Having been on the inside, I know something about the justice system in this country. I know it is filled with unfairness and the rich do better than the poor for sure. I know all about extraordinary judges and incompetent idiots who have all the talent required to affix a widget with a screwdriver and little more. I KNOW there is incompetence, fraud, and a whole lot of cutting of corners to get it done.

That said, NO democracy is gonna be worth a hill of beans if the population at large doesn’t basically accept the judiciary as the final arbiter of LEGAL. You may disagree with a decision, you may think a number of the judges are akin to hyenas. But you accept that whatever is the decision, it was reached because the judge in question REALLY believes that the law should be what he/she says. In other words, their decisions have finality and certitude. They have VALIDITY.

This is now under assault my friends. It started in a big way in Iowa when the Supreme Court there unanimously held that the state had presented absolutely no evidence that validated their decision to refuse same-sex marriage. The Constitution, both state and local, provides that all persons be given due process of law and equal protection of the law. Iowa, could not produce the most anything to justify treating the gay community differently.

Whereupon they struck down the law, and the crazy began. A group set about to make sure that those justices who were up for re-election were defeated. In that they succeeded. I’m told that the move to take out the next three this year, is not doing as well, and perhaps they will fail.

However, there is talk that the Tea Party in Pennsylvania, and the GOP in Florida, plan to attack running Justices of their respective courts for not going along with the GOP desire to prevent as many people from voting as possible.

Worse, it seems that when we await a decision from some court on some important issue, we soon learn which justices are
“Democrats” and which “Republicans”. We are frighteningly, now contemplating that most tough cases are coming down to whether the judge is a Democrat or Republican. We are clearly already there for the most part when it comes to the SCOTUS.

Once the electorate concludes that decisions are not made based on judicial philosophy and law, but merely based on party affiliation, then the rule of law is dead. Witness Rand Paul’s remarks about the AHCA decision by SCOTUS, that it was basically just the “opinion” of a few people.

This issue could prove to be a huge threat to democracy. At least as I see it.


Finally John Cassidy, over at the New Yorker, asks and answers the question, “Why is Romney Such a Loser?”