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Willard held a press conference, but only to make an announcement.

Pity. It would have been such fun to ask: “okay, so elegantly now describe what you were intending to mean when you said that 47% of the American people were never going to take responsibility for their lives.”

You know he wouldn’t have answered the question, because he learned in Karl Rove “Politics 101” to deflect, ignore, and obfuscate any question that would be embarrassing to answer.

Hint: all questions of any substance are embarrassing for Willard to answer.

According to Herm Cain, we can infer that Willard has no “depth” of understanding on anything other than the depth of his bank accounts in the Cayman Islands.

All of which has come to mean, that everyone, including the ranking members of the “Chattering Class” (so-called by ever-lovin’ stand-by-your-man-Ann Romney) have enjoyed the week taking pot shots at pin the tail on the donkey. The donkey is Willard.

It’s not like he’s not familiar with a horse’s ass after all.

His wife owns at least one. And I guess he makes two.

I wonder what Willard plans to do after November?

Perhaps he can go to Switzerland and run naked through a room full of his money. You know the stuff he doesn’t pay taxes on because unlike the 47% who don’t pay taxes, the 1% REALLY don’t pay taxes. It’s no tax taken to a “whole, ‘nother level.”

Meanwhile, Willard has not been doing a lot of campaigning.

It’s because he’s become addicted to puzzles.

I’m not sure that there is a solution to his puzzle however.

All the polling seems to suggest that his “path to the White House” is becoming too narrow for even the best tightrope walker to try.

And it seems that no election is local this year. The loudest refrain heard across the land by Republicans running for office this year, is “Romney? I never knew the man.”

Paulie just scratches his head, and wishes Ayn was still alive to counsel with. She would know what to do with all this collectivist shit.

The House of Lies.

The campaign of lies.

The year of lies.

The GOP has lived by the lie, and it seems now to be dying by the lie.

Karl Rove is a genius they say.

I think it’s more like he by fluke, got very lucky in 2000.

See, people didn’t understand that lying stuff. Now they do. They now ASSUME it’s a lie. Karma is like that Karlie the Dough boy. It comes back to roar in your face like the most distasteful and foul-smelling dragons. Do you like the breath of the dragon Karl? It’s withering Willard and Paulie. Spin that on Foxy Karl.

Though shall not speak up on foreign policy in the midst of a crisis.

It’s the seldom stated 13th commandment.

Though shall not speak up on foreign policy in the midst of a crisis without all the facts.

That’s the 14th commandment.

Though shall not speak up on foreign policy in the midst of a crisis and say nasty things about the Commander-in-chief, especially when you are in violation of the 14th commandment.

It’s called a Mittfire.

Which all led to redistribution.

Willard continues to think that only the 1% know words longer than eight letters.

So he thought he could make up this drama about Obama being a socialist again.

Except that everyone knows that we have been redistributing wealth in this country since the revolution. How does Willard think the roads were built in this country? How do you think that that John Adams got from Boston to Philadelphia?

It was taxing the landowners Willard, and using that to benefit EVERYBODY by building a ROAD. Dumb Willard. And do put on clothes. You are not getting a vote that way either!

I wonder what Willard thinks we are made of?

I think he thinks we want to be him. Ann whispers in his ear all night, “they are just jealous honey, because you are so successful. They know they can never be like you, because they don’t have the drive and brains, so they want to see you laid low.”

I bet that’s what she says.

She’s rather bitter don’t you think?

I mean did she just want to ride in a bitter private jet?

But really, I can’t imagine wanting to be like Willard. His life seems rather boring and dull. Being rich and stupid is highly overrated.


Take your pick.

He’s been all of these and more.

Do you think he is like this at home?

He likes pancakes one week, and hates them the next?

He likes Downton Abbey one week, and hates it the next?

He likes one of his boys better than the other, and then another the next?

Is the whole family in a secret therapy session being filmed for an episode of Jersey Shore? Has Snookie lost weight. (confession: never watched even one episode. It’s like wrestling–not the sane of mind.)

Well, do the best you can to have a good weekend. I may Crab Rangoon and Pork Egg Rolls this morning. They’re freezing up in the freezer now. Aren’t you even a tiny bit impressed?