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Obfuscate Good man! Obfuscate! Caught with his mouth open on tape decrying the wasteful irresponsible lives of 47% of the electorate, Willard as expected tries to redirect the conversation away from his cold mean dismissal of millions of people to basically arguing that “hey I’m just fighting against that (socialist) desire on the part of that man in the White House.”

Yes, again we hear the scary word REDISTRIBUTION. Obama is gonna take your hard-earned bucks and give them to “them”. That is the message. Of course it’s all dressed up in flowery language–we are trying to help people climb out of the hole of dependency and ascend to the American dream. We want everyone to have it, while the Democrat Party wants you dependent, like slaves, always assured of your vote, because it’s your life blood.

Bull Durham, I say. Mendacity as Big Daddy used to say, pure mendacity!

Of course, once again, the Liars use a tape and then completely distort it, ignoring the full context. They just pull out the sentence wherein a then state senator, Barack Obama says that he is in favor of some form of redistribution of wealth. What he actually said is this:

I think the trick is figuring out how do we structure government systems that pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution because I actually believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody’s got a shot.  How do we pool resources at the same time as we decentralize delivery systems in ways that both foster competition, can work in the marketplace, and can foster innovation at the local level and can be tailored to particular communities.

Not exactly some commie revolution is it?

And worse yet, Romney is now at pains to admit that he too is of course in favor of some forms of assistance to help those who are deemed (by GOP standards whatever they may be) in need of public assistance. This is REDISTRIBUTION stupid. Taxes are REDISTRIBUTION stupid.

Let me put it in terms even a big brain like you can fathom. Okay, you have this company. You are CEO. The Board of Directors of said company decides it is wise to pay you $45 million per year and an additional $60 million in stock options, and a guaranteed severance package worth say, $215 million. The company, a manufacturing concern, makes widgets. It employs 7,200 people who are involved in the widget making process either as line labor, or various levels of supervision, design people and so forth. It has net income of say $800 million per year. It decides to pay its line labor at the rate of $12/hr and determines it will face a strike to hold the line at that level. It also determines the pay scales for all the other labor levels in its business.

IS THIS NOT INCOME DISTRIBUTION? The “deciders” decide how the net profits shall be distributed over the company. They decide to pay the CEO what he gets, RATHER than grant a pay raise to the line worker to $13/hr.

This UNEQUAL and IMMORAL distribution scheme has been going on for decades and results in the holy insane, immoral income distribution that we have come to expect in our country today, worse than almost any other country which claims to believe in democracy and is called “industrialized” meaning “advanced”.

These are not set in stone by the “rules of capitalism”. These are choices that PEOPLE made about the value of the work of other PEOPLE.

All Willard is really saying is that he thinks that people like himself (rich people who sit on boards of directors) should be the ones deciding on how income is distributed and not government, through programs that seek to achieve a level playing field.

Well, so far, it seems that the boards of directors at large in the country have decided that workers who actually do the work and make the products aren’t worth much. They CAUSED this income redistribution by contributing millions of dollars into campaigns to elect men and women who would keep government regulation and taxation policies out of their business. Their lobbying efforts result in legislation which allows their preferred income redistribution to occur.

Explain to me why any human being alive is worth $45 million dollars a year to guide a widget company? If you can’t explain it, then admit it for what it is.