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I know that most of you are too healthy emotionally to even read the bilge from the Right. I’m not talking about the neo-conish professional Reptiligans. They are mad, but not hip-slapping stupid. I refer to the “rank and file” trailer-liven’, gun-totin’, cheeto and beer-swillin’ types. The ones, in other words, who consider it a major accomplishment to read People Magazine and not have to look up more than three words in the DICTionAry–the “sounds like” version.

The people who inhabit the Blaze

, and a horde of similar if lesser-known Righty-tighty bloggers whose major claim to fame is proving by their existence that God has a great sense of humor. Those people. I know you don’t threaten to damage your psyche by reading THEM.

Well, I am as always, willing to lay my sanity on the line for you. So I did check out a few. I thought about posting some of their comments over the 47% story, but then I thought. Will this surprise anyone at all? After a while it seems unkind to beat people who smile and mouth the words “beat me”. It just seems rather sadistic ya know.

So I’ll spare you the crazy diatribes of how FINALLY Mitt is growing a pair and telling it like it is. There were literally dozens of stories of poor unfortunate working class stiffs that lived on water and cheese for six months rather than ask for any help, which is as we all know–THE AMERICAN WAY–where the truly patriotic pull up their bootstraps, smell them gingerly to determine how best to cook ’em and carry on, in a self-less, martyr-like resolve to MAKE MY OWN WAY in the world.

The professional Goofball ON Perrier (GOP) well, they are damned mad at the utterly unprofessional manner in which the super executive businessman is doing his bizness. They think he is ruining any chance they have of taking over the world in 2013 as they had planned to do, with their American exceptionalistic bombast and military might. Grover Norquist must be turning purple, for he announced quite succinctly that all he needed was a warm body with a GOP tatoo to sign the damn shit put in front of him–Norquistian types would write the stuff for God’s sake.

So we have a tale of two responses–the cattle are mooing for more hay, and the wolves are snapping that the so-called alpha male is really neutered and a fraudulent excuse for a real Conservative. (If you have any more metaphors I can use, please do send them–this is hard work!)

And we shall see how it plays out in the polls. From what I have seen, out of the small pool of “undecideds” early polling suggests that the President is winning more by far. Since Willard Fudd thinks these are the only people who count, I guess he can stop counting.

Ya know, lets me fair. If you don’t assume that in very small groups, in closed safe environments, most politicians don’t say similar caustic cynical things, then I guess you don’t know politics. They do. It’s just that most of them don’t talk about it to large groups being catered by strangers, most of whom you don’t know. After all, Willard, to a high-rollin’ multi-millionaire like yourself, what would a mere $50,000 a plate mean to you? Not a whole lot. Can you even conceive of someone paying it to tape what you have to say? Can you not imagine some poor waiter might be paid a couple of thou’ to secrete a video camera in the room? You who likes to minimize risk?

Well, if you couldn’t imagine that, then you certainly don’t deserve the big chair.

Meanwhile the map that is making the rounds today and yesterday for that matter, is the one that shows just how out of touch Willard actually is. While he pans the 47% who are playing victims and can’t be convinced of logical arguments for their own good because they are never going to take responsibility for themselves, those same 47% largely reside in the states he expects to win–in other words they are his natural voters:

Which all leads me once again to conclude that Willard’s so-called brilliance as a businessman is highly overrated.