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It’s been some kinda week huh?

We had a choice of how we were going to remember 9/11. Each person could observe the day in whatever manner best represented their way of dealing with national events that pain us all.

There is probably no wrong way to do this, only personal preferences and needs.

It appears there is a good chance that the attack in Benghazi may have been planned as a 9/11 event, taking advantage of the anti-Muslim video that surfaced and was shamefully promoted precisely to incite.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. After all the GOP has been betting and cheering against the US for nearly four years now, hoping for economic downturns, hoping for disasters of one sort or another over which they could claim that somehow they would have done a better job and the _________would never have happened.

It wasn’t just that Willard was spectacularly obvious in his smirking “take down” of the Obama administration over Libya, it was the fact that he was spectacularly insensitive, cruel, and hopelessly self-oriented.

Never has anyone so blatantly announced to the country that he neither cared about the actual victims or the circumstances of the tragedy, but found it entirely useful to land a blow against his opponent. Opportunism is the first word that one thinks of.

With one ill-worded and ill-timed press release, Willard told us a boatload of important things.

1. He is not nearly as bright as we are told he is. He signed off on this statement, never asked the right questions or demanded any confirmation. The excitement of getting in a sword thrust was too much for him.

2. He has an awful campaign staff who couldn’t lead him away from this disaster, thus we must assume he doesn’t have much talent in picking good people. Echoes of a future cabinet?

3. He has no natural empathy for other people and their pain. Common sense would suggest that remarks about the loss of life would come first, but of course, he spoke before he knew the facts.

4. He is an utter bold-faced, liar who when caught simply “doubles down” and continues lying. Where does one learn this? From his family, his church, or his business?

5. He is seriously incurious when it comes to foreign policy and apparently leaves it to others to explain things to him. The problem is again, the people he chooses–who thus far don’t seem to have a very good grip on reality.

Meanwhile Congress continues to ignore their jobs in favor of doing nothing.

Eric Cantor says the House is through after next week, taking a two month vacation.

Left undone:

1. The farm bill and the awful losses suffered by drought impacted farmers.

2. The jobs bill, now a full year old with no action by the do-nothing-GOP.

3. Violence against women bill is still waiting for passage, but the GOP reminds us that they are not against women, but they certainly won’t pass this bill.

4. Assistance for Veterans in the job market. The GOP is all for the troops, but not if it means adding one single job. That might make the president look good and we can’t have that.

5. Sequestration? Oh the new meme is that that is all the President’s fault. And exactly why did you vote for it GOP?

I’m sure there is more. That is enough to throw the bums out.

Willard claims there is still a vast sea of “undecideds” out there. There are not, but he is not courting them anyway.

No rational talk here, he says.

Instead he talks about God on our money, and embraces fools like Pat Robertson and Steve King.

He is virtually indistinguishable from the crazy Tea People who live in the deep trench at the bottom of the Pacific and surface only to murmur, “I hate Obama.”

Did you hear that Willard said that he thought the debates might be tough, because “the President has a tendency not to tell the truth.” Did you hear that? Did you ears fall off? Did you dance like a duck while you waited for your brain to catch up with your skull? Did you scream at the top of  your lungs–YOU HYPOCRITE YOU! Did ya?

Which all leads me to give the Willard a very bad D- this week.

I think he needs to go to the Principle’s office and get a paddling, and then plenty of homework to teach him some stuff he would need if here were to become President (which please LORD please don’t let happen, and I’ll never swear again, always be polite, walk every day for the rest of my life, make my husband’s favorite meal once a week, and never eat another potato chip in my life, please).

Dunce you are Willard. What in the world did your parents call “raising” that you turned out to be such a douche?


It’s nice to know that Willard has something in common with the extremists.

Seriously, do you want this man anywhere near the codes?

Do you want him to be all you have to turn to in times of a national disaster?

Are we so sure that the “five boys” he raised are anything more than carbon copies of their lying self-absorbed father?

This man said that the middle class are those making $200,000 a year or more. He said that two days ago. To George Stephanopoulos. He meant that.  He has no clue. The median income in America is $50,000. Jesus, man does anyone on your campaign advise of anything more than what time it is?

Have a great weekend!

I think I’ll work on my string theory thesis this afternoon after I shave