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Go outside and give a good sniff. You can detect that sick odor wafting through the air, getting stronger by the day. It’s the awful putrid smell of gangrenous flesh, dying. It’s Romney’s campaign.

It is dying. Believe me it is.

Never was a dying wound so self-inflicted. Oh, no Bruté, it is me.

Let’s face facts here. President Obama got a nice bump. He’s leading in most every one of the battleground states. If he wins either Florida or Ohio, both of which find him leading, and picks up about one other state, he wins. The race will be decided before the Mississippi is crossed.

Willard on the other hand must win either Florida or Ohio and at least four other of the swing states, only one of which is he even arguably even in. Things are in a nutshell, down the s**t hole.

Desperate times call for desperate measures they surely say, and so Willard took a chance and stuck his neck out, and of course the Sword of Damocles slices ever closer to his jugular. Let us set the stage:

Willard promised (another thing he apparently doesn’t learn at his church–to keep them that is) that there would be no political talk on 9/11. Now perhaps Willard doesn’t know that a day is 24-hours long and goes from 12:00 a.m. until the stroke of 12 a.m. the NEXT day. When you have seven people who follow you everywhere and can announce the time, I guess you can lose track of WHAT THE FUCK TIME IT IS.

During the evening, an incident happened in Libya. As I understand it, a US produced video allegedly portraying the Prophet Mohammed  in some disrespectful way. Certain elements in Libya and elsewhere became aware of it, and although most have not seen it, a good deal of non-factual information was also circulated. Based on this, a group was able to storm the embassy in Benghazi, and 4 Americans were killed, the ambassador himself included.

Now, the Cairo embassy, six hours before the violence and killing occurred, put out its own statement, which they have an absolute right to do, without State Department authorization, decrying the film and reminding everyone that all religions need to be respected. They did this hoping to temper the matter and avoid any violence.

The violence sometime afterward occurred.

Romney put out a statement last night, condemning the statement from Cairo, attributing it to the Administration, and furthermore saying he was appalled at the fact that the President was “siding with the attackers”. In full he said:

“I’m outraged by the attacks on American diplomatic missions in Libya and Egypt and by the death of an American consulate worker in Benghazi. It’s disgraceful that the Obama administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks.”

Thus he violated the “cease-fire” of the campaign and then told a bold-faced lie about what happened. He was not in possession of the facts when he spoke. I understand that he urged reporters to go with his statement, and not wait until 9/12 to report it.

The President, waiting until morning, and the lifting of the no-politics agreement, condemned the violence, reminded everyone that religious freedom must be respected but that violence would not be condoned, and prayed for the families of the dead.

This is not the first time Willard has tried to interject himself into foreign affairs at difficult moments. Remember when he called Obama’s day of shame, over negotiations for the release of dissident Chen Guangcheng? That was widely condemned as interference by even such stalwart conservatives as Bill Kristol.

There are two possibilities here. Either Willard ignores advice from those surrounding him and goes his own way, or his advisers are simply incompetent. There is evidence for either. Willard is noted for keeping his own counsel, and we understand that his controversial choice of Paul (Lyin’) Ryan is just such a one. And no one can accuse him of having a brain trust when it comes to foreign policy (John Bolton is a jackass by most any assessment).

In either case, it is extraordinarily clear based on MR. ROMNEY’s own mouth, that he is unfit to conduct foreign policy for the US, and unwilling apparently to learn anything about the world he inhabits. He came to us as Mr. Fixit and one has to wonder if he level of competence in economics is similarly flawed. Given his “plans” I would argue that he is mostly facade.

Behind the scary mask, is a little petulant boy.

Tomorrow: Where Willard goes from here.

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