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The uh, polls are ticking up nicely for the President. The RNC and the Willard team of dupids tell us not to dismay. It’s not a concern. Willard will just keep endorsing the likes of Steven King and clasping the back of Pat Robertson, and promising not to take “In God We Trust” off our coins, and all will be well.

He will not wipe out Obamacare (we embrace the term now), he’ll keep the good part. Forget that the good parts are paid by the mandate requirement. Willard knows that such facts just get in the way and it sounds ever so much better without truth. And in the end of course, since he won’t save the good parts anyway, no matter.

Suddenly, there are not gonna be any tax cuts for the rich. Willard had the hundred-dollar bills removed from his ears and heard that. Any “appearance” of tax cuts will be eaten up by closing the deduction loopholes. Which ones? Oh, trust me, Willard says, I’ll tell you AFTER you elect me. You are gonna elect me no?

See the way I sees it, Mr. Willard is gonna lose (Pelezzzzz God). And the finger pointin’ will commence. And Willard will blame Ryan and the Tea People, and the (doncha think the Tea people remind you of sea horses? I do, so keep that image in mind). As I was saying, the Tea People will blame  Willard for not being authentically enough CON-SERVA-TIVE. Now the rank and file, of which there is very little rank or file left, will scratch their armpits and be faced with the dilemma of the century–SHOULD WE CUT BAIT? Meaning shall we removing the icky chum from ourselves otherwise known as the Tea People.

Otherwise, it seems to me, the GOP may want to rename itself to  AWK which stands for Angry White Knownothings.

Meanwhile, back on the plantation, Alan West, who is really white with a very thin veneer of black which he has to touch up CONSTANTLY, opened one of his orifices and proved but again that he has nothing but cat’s eyes marbles floating around in his head. (Shake him, really, you can hear the rattle).

So he says that the President’s campaign slogan, FORWARD is actually some commie thing, because it “sounds” like something Marxist-socialist to him. But then he hears bats in his own belfry, so I’m not sure that we should attach too much importance to that.

Now Alan, I do beg you, in honor of your name, go WEST young man, and don’t stop until you are about 4 miles off the coast of California, breath deeply and go swim with the fishes, Sea horses if possible. (And before one of your bright lights tells me that they are not actually called Sea Horses any more, save it. I know that, have no clue what they are called now, and don’t care to look it up!)

Another AWK is the wonderfully stupid and thoroughly disgusting Joe Walsh, the dead-beat dad running for re-election in Illinois. I’m told it’s not at all likely that well will have old Joe to kick around much longer, so we must grab our stupid fix while we can.

Joe did not like it much that Sandra Fluke spoke at the DNC. He’s of the Limpaw persuasion that she’s a lazy slut. She is supposed to quit law school and get a  job according to Joe. He thinks we are raising children who feel entitled to government help. But then Joe doesn’t take care of his own kids much. I guess he thinks its pretty okay if his ex-wife does whatever she needs to to meet their needs. It’s certainly not his job.

Joe will be getting his own “JOB” come November when the seven people who support his candidacy are over whelmed by several tens of thousands from his district who are ready to shovel the shit out the door.

I do keep up on the news on Sunday, I just don’t write about it. I ran across a couple of thing you might find either useful or informative. One is by one of the best, Juan Cole at Informed Comment. Do go and read his letter to Mitt: You Don’t get to Say That.

If you are into charts (and frankly I think they make a lot really clear really fast, Little Green Footballs really shows you just how not-socialist President Obama really is. Spending is down, the growth of Government is down. (If you didn’t see the smack down on Rand Paul by Paul Krugman do please follow this link. Paul actually thought the government was expanding which suggests that those GOPers who don’t lie, are spectacularly uninformed.)

Oh and Nate Silver has Obama having an 80% chance of re-election now. These numbers probably won’t hold, but they are certainly good news and have the Willard Team on the defense.

What is gonna be fun now is watching all the excuses for losing. One such dope is a blogger by the name of John Hinderaker, who laments that we are at a tipping point with nearly 50% of the people now receiving some form of government assistance, so it’s natural they will vote their personal interests “rather than the good of the economy.” Sour grapes huh John?

On a personal note: our little guy is at the shelter today getting his manly parts whacked off so he cannot do the nasty with any of the girls in the neighborhood. He took it like a man, walking stoically to his impending OPERATION. We are waiting for the call later this afternoon to go pick him up and shower him with lots of neutery type gifts. I already ripped all the nuts off his boy toys.