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Last night the thunder and lightning rolled in and it rained most of the night. At 4 a.m., Diego nuzzled me awake to go out, and noticing that it was still showering at least, I realized that our walk today was caput.

The Contrarian woke when a wet Diego jumped full-tilt into the bed and wiggled his happiness. After removing said dog from my now wet side of the bed, I told him (the Contrarian that is) not to waken me at 5:45 for my walk. “No walking today,” I mumbled, “It’s raining. Maybe I can take him later for a walk around the neighborhood.”

Well, it’s still going at a slow but steady pace now at 9 a.m. This is wonderful since we so need the rain, and a fun day for me. A load of laundry is now in the dryer, and I’ve cooked up the ingredients for a new Southwestern adapted salad to go with steaks today, called I think Foothills Salad. Roasted red potatoes, bacon, corn, chiles, and a nice spicy dressing. While I compose this, I listen to the second half hour of Chris Hayes, “UP“. It’s all good.

Well, now after two conventions, let the games begin:

Now people have different opinions about the President’s speech. Mindful that the jobs report was not good, I think he set the right tone myself.

And certainly it got bigger and bolder and more exhilarating as it built to the end.

At the close of the day, one can say that the DNC put on a well-planned show that seemed to state their position quite well, while the RNC was negative and devoid of much energy and peppered with forgettable speeches for the most part except for the Eastwood debacle.

The debates should be something else I’m guessing.

Speaking of which, I think that the Dems pretty much laid to rest that silly question.

Of course we are better off. We aren’t all picking garbage from the dump for dinner tonight.

Stephen Colbert had perhaps the best line. It went something like this and I do paraphrase:

“Mitt Romney keeps asking us if we are better off today that we were 4 years ago. He better not answer that question himself since he’s only given us 2 years of his tax returns.”

And the beat goes on.

Bill Clinton said it best:

“They’re argument is this: we broke it, you haven’t fixed it fast enough, hire us again.”

Let’s face it, Romney is more “European” in his outlook than Obama as he so tries to paint. Romney’s economic policies have already been tried. First they were the essential policies of the Bush fiasco. And second, look to Ireland, Britain, Spain and so forth if you want to see how well drastic spending cuts work to restore an economy.

As more and more economists point out, the debt crisis is a problem, but not THE problem. You put people to work building infrastructure, manning our schools and fighting fires and policing the streets. When the work force is engaged and gaining wealth, the economy picks up, surpluses can then be used to pay down the debt. A debt I might remind you, we owe ourselves. China owns but 4% of our overall debt much as the GOP would lie to you to the opposite.

I guess I wonder why the GOP thought this crap “We built this” would work. Have they not added up the numbers? the entrepreneurs of the world constitute only a tiny fraction of the total population.

Most of us are, were, or will be workers–working for somebody. And we know to our core, that no “job creator” creates anything but an idea with the worker who actually builds.

Eric Cantor had the audacity to tweet something to the effect of “congrats to all those who risked money and built a business–this is your day!” Yeah, it’s not labor day Eric, it’s bosses day. Are you people proof that a human can function completely devoid of a brain?

If you have ever met a pathological liar, well, I need not say more.

It’s mind-blowing to know someone who lies because it’s simple part of their DNA–about things that aren’t even important.

Like running a marathon. Why would you lie about that?

See you don’t even do it intentionally really. It’s just something that comes out of the old pie hole when you open it. Such people should be kept in locked rooms with simple repetitive tasks to perform.

They should never be considered for political jobs. But sadly, such types fit in so well in our present political climate.

See, Willard said all the right things about stupid puddle, Akins and his thoughts about rape and pregnancy.

But then Willard went to Iowa and publicly embraced Steve King (R-IA) who has given Akins a pass (I have no reason to know if he’s right or wrong, personally), and who calls immigrants dogs, and who thinks dog fighting is an okay thing, and who isn’t sure the President is an American, and  who is just an all-around IDIOT on any subject you can dream up.

And then you know.

Willard really doesn’t care anything about Akins and his kind. His handlers told him to say it, so he did. And he certainly didn’t mean it, because he doesn’t mean anything other than “let ME be president.”

So the choice will soon be ours.

Ninety-nine percent of us have made up our minds.

One percent of the rest are dead in their beds and just haven’t been found yet.

The rest are dead in their souls and haven’t heard a single thing since they spend all their free time watching professional wrestling.

It’s pretty scary knowing that.

So getting out the vote is the key now.

Do what you can will you?

It could be kind of important ya know.