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As I understand it, Cardinal Dolan was invited to give the benediction at the RNC. The DNC followed suit, seeing no other reasonable way to go. Dolan as you may know has been the vociferous opponent of any type of insurance coverage for birth control, even when not paid for by Catholic based institutions.

Now a benediction is a prayer bestowing a blessing on the assemblage. It is not an uncommon thing to have certainly. It is fairly rare to have someone from out-of-town to vie for the job. While I can’t confirm this scenario, I heard last night that Dolan first offered to give the benediction, was rebuffed by the Democrats, who then invited him after he accepted the RNC offer.

Now you might think that he gave the same benediction? NO. Though they resembled each other to a great extent, there were some subtle and not so subtle changes that made his remarks anything but the “apolitical, non-partisan” statement that he claimed.

You can read both benedictions here. 

Basically Dolan changed “those yet to be born” to “those waiting to be born . . .[and]that they be welcomed and protected.” This to apparently chastise the Democrats for their pro-choice stance on the issue of abortion.

Dolan then went on in the RNC version to encourage “respecting the laws of nature and nature’s God, and not seek to replace it with idols of our own making.” In the DNC version he added, “Empower us with your grace so that we might resist the temptation to replace the moral law with idols of our own making, or to remake those institutions you have given us for the nurturing of life and community.” This was a direct snipe at the DNC position on marriage equality.

President Obama and VP Biden were blessed by name on in the DNC version, while Mr. Romney and Ryan were blessed by name in both.

So much for being non-partisan. The perhaps saving grace, is that at least MSNBC did not even show the benediction but went straight to analysis. It seems that may have been true for just about everyone but Foxy Noise who showed it in full.

It is shameful in any case, whether heard or not, that a Cardinal would act in such a totally partisan way before a national audience.


It hardly seems worth saying. He was magnificent as we expected he would be. And frankly so was Joe Biden. Both speeches were thrilling, and uplifting. What the President and the other speakers managed to do, is to change the dynamics of the election. Basically it comes down to: we know what we are doing, and they haven’t got a clue what is wrong or how to fix it. Why this man still thinks that Russia is our worst enemy. This man goes on a tour of Europe and manages to insult our best friend. Instead of a referendum on the President, it is now a referendum on an out-of-touch venture capitalist and a Ayn Randian ideologue who would destroy the most vulnerable among us.

It’s about CITIZENSHIP–with the benefits of life in America come responsibilities. I almost expected him to recall the refrain: ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. Really that’s what he meant.


Oh Gosh, Sistah Sarah is all up in a tither. I mean John Kerry mentioned her name. I mean wow. I mean, dang girl, he mentioned your NAME. Not in a good way though, which is why your panties are all twisted up in yer huntin’ pants. Remember Sarah you said, that you were no Jenny-come-lately to foreign policy, cuz you could see Russia from your front porch. Now later, you embellished that to what you “really” meant which may or may not have been what you said, but you said it. And Senator Kerry did laugh and remind us and suggest that all Willard knows about Russia he learned from Rocky IV.

It was a good line. Just admit it and move on girl. Don’t be so nasty. It will amount to nothing. Cuz you amounted to nothing.

In case you are curious:

“How does he even know my name? I mean aren’t these guys supposed to be these big wig elites who don’t waste their time on the little people like me — me representing the average American who, yeah I did say in Alaska you can see Russia from our land base and I was making the point that we are strategically located on the globe and when it comes to transportation corridors and resources that are shared and fought over [in] Alaska and I as the governor had known what I was doing in dealing with some international issues that had to do with our resources that could help secure the nation.”

Word salad for the day served!


And with that, have a good one. It’s Friday after all, day of contemplated debauchery.