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This is the header for the blog, but I just love it. It was taken by my smart phone a few days ago as Diego and I walked in this direction, watching the first rays of sunlight just begin to creep up the east side of the Organ mountains.

Diego and I have had our adventures for sure. We started running into a hunter early in the morning, hunting we know not what. Either jackrabbits, quail or hopefully not, coyotes. Yes coyotes.

Our handyman’s son’, Ernest Jr., claims that the coyotes are coming down into the foothills in search of food. Mostly they prey on the calves in the cattle herds. I have not seen any that is for sure, nor have we heard any howling at night, which I certainly would recognize. He tells us that the bear and mountain lions do not venture down. Thank goodness for small pluses.

A few days ago, we were coming down the homestretch, down a barely discernible home-made “road” when we spotted a pick-up coming west on the service road was cut for the city trucks that maintain the wells. As it drew near in the early morning sun, I saw a horse, bridled and saddled, and trotting alongside the truck. The driver had a good grip on the reins and the equine was getting a good workout, though I would have thought it much more fun to ride the animal myself.

Every day is unique in its presentation of new things to do. Yesterday, Diego had to go to the shelter for his shots, a prelude to his being “fixed” in a couple of weeks. Well, we learned that the dear thing is adamant that he wants nothing to do with getting in a car. I guess he was too confused when we loaded him aboard the first time, but we had quite a time getting him inside. Once there, he sat quietly if seemingly quite frightened. We have no idea what in his past may have led to this.

Today, having finally gotten all the “stuff” for our landscaping done (save actually buying plants and planting them), we went out to move things around, create little vignettes that tickled the eye and warmed the heart. The Contrarian is busy painting a huge wooden chair that we brought from Iowa. It has long since lost it “patina” of green. All the algae has died in the hot dry sun. It is just dull now. So it’s getting a coat of primer and then a turquoise overcoat. We have a chaise lounge I want to get yet, but mostly we just need to buy the plants now.

So the refried beans are done, the enchilada sauce made, and the laundry washed and folded, so hey, let’s see what cartoons were filed this week.

This pretty much says it all doesn’t it?

Ya know the thing that griped me most is Romney claiming now that “I wanted this president to succeed”, just not succeed with his policies–which is not success is it? The freakin’ truth is that Romney started running for 2012 the minute he dropped out in 2008 and everybody knows it.

He banked on this president failing, he prayed for it, and he worked for it in every way that he could. And EVERYBODY knows that.

But lying is second nature to him and his ilk.

I guess it begs the question why there is even a platform to begin with since the Willard brigade has done its damnest to ignore it and not talk about it.

The funniest piece I saw was on the Daily Show where Samantha Bee was interviewing delegates and asking them wasn’t it true that Romney’s position was not the same as Ryan’s on abortion, nor the same as the party platform.

Over and over, each delegate pointed out, that “everyone doesn’t think the same, believe the same things, and differences of opinion were just fine. After all, we have freedom of choice in this country.”

Most of them, nay, all of them were too brain dead to see that this kind of conflicts with their refusal to allow the same “difference of opinion” as regards abortion itself. It is too sad.

Was it lost on everyone that all the people were wounded at the Empire State shooting, were shot by stray bullets from police weapons?

The people who argue that we all need to be armed have no clue the havoc and mayhem they would cause.

When are we going to give up our love affair with guns?

Why do we glorify all this so much? It seems to me only people who ought to be “up in arms” about the 2nd Amendment are the gun toters. Most of us are not. So why is this impossible to do something about?

Let us not be deceived.

The Ryan budget will screw the poor and the elderly. It will. And no amount of lies will change that.

No amount of fake promises.

No amount of innuendo that the poor are really just lazy.

No amount of claims that the vouchers will enable the elderly to “buy” health care of equal value.

No, it’s pure and simple. They don’t believe we are in this together. They believe they are in it alone, but of course, they aren’t.

This is all the people who made it happen for them.

This is what it takes to build a business. As much as the acumen and capital of the rich.

But of course, they can make even more money without unions and their pesky desire for fair wages and benefits so that retirement came be ENJOYED and not ENDURED.

They think they have made their case.

The world was perfect in the 1950’s when Willard was young.

And he wants to return to that time, as he remembers it from his mansion and his prep school.

But then along came Dirty Harry:

And the world went on tilt.

And we scratched out heads.

And the elderly shrugged in embarrassment.

And the young giggled.

And the GOP, gulped and tried to find the off switch.

And Clint, why he stumbled and mumbled, and confused even more.

And he really thought that President Obama was there next to him.

And Ann Romney shriveled, and Willard threw up, and Chris Christie ate another donut and smiled—“Hey Jeb, bring it on!”

And the beat goes on, and the City of Carmel tweets–“he was our Mayor once upon a time, in the land of Lilliput!”