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Okays here. Ya gotcher choice heres. You can have yer warm and fuzzy or you can has your tough streets. It don’t make me no matter whichs one you chooses.

The party of old white wrinkled up dudes with their trophy wimmen of the Stepford variety is being generous. You know what I mean?

There is nice Annie with her red dress on, telling you that Mittens is just squeezably squishy soft and cuddly, or you can have yer bloated bully with his wise guy crackin’ ways, telling you that, well, RESPECT is better than all that love junk.

Choice is yers, as I say.

Much like the party itself, the message was coming in two different directions. Not a good beginning.


I picked this up from Moe over at Whatever Works. This is simply unbelievable. A Puerto Rican Delegate was introduced to speak yesterday at the convention and was literally screamed down with chanting of “USA”. Rinsed Penis had to step in and actually beg the delegates to show her common respect. And they think they will pick up Latino votes? I doubt it. Good grief, these people are simply appalling.


Steven Benen at The Maddow Blog has a rather scathing and well-deserved critique of the Christie speech. Not only was it bizarre, it seemed to focus mostly on Christie and then talked about courage when if you know anything about Willard, you know courage is not what he is about, not even in business was he a risk taker.


If you think the Puerto Rican incident was isolated, think again. Another two delegates was forcibly removed from the convention floor after throwing peanuts at a black camerawoman working for CNN, shouting “this is how we feed animals.”


This cartoon from Squatlo Rant was just too funny not to include:

Can you just feel the inclusive love?


Matt Taibbi has a great story about Willard and Bain. It is one of the more ironic stories of this election cycle.  How a man campaigns on reducing the debt of the country when it was the manner in which he made his fortune. He never risked his own money. Be borrowed it from others and plunged companies deep into debt, then told them who they had to fire and how they had to cut in order to pay off the debt he saddled them with, all the while collecting massive fees for doing so.

You see, in reality Willard has spent his life being a high-handed con artist and he automatically thinks that he can continue to con the American people.


Aww, lucky us. It seems the GOP is pulling ads in New Mexico against Heinrich given that he’s pulling ahead and in Missouri for obvious reasons as well. They are putting money into North Dakota where things are unexpectedly not going well. Senate contests may have also tightened up in Ohio and Florida forcing them to put more money in them as well. It seems that the GOP message is not making the electorate feel too happy. And that is a good thing.  And Dan Quayle’s son, who claimed that President Obama was the “worst president ever” was defeated in his primary. Ahhh, so sweet.

Well, I’ve walked, swam and shopped. Now it’s time to cook. So be good, and if you can manage a smile, give one to someone you don’t know.