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This is our lovely boy Diego! Isn’t he a cutie?

Well, we are prejudiced no doubt. We chose him Tuesday afternoon and he is now fully ensconced in the house, and right at home.

Technically, he is still not wholly ours, since he was only off the streets for 72 hours before we saw him at the shelter. Since he cannot be neutered until he has all his shots, we cannot adopt him formally until then. However, we are his foster parents and have his shots scheduled for a couple of weeks, and his neutering about mid September.

He is just a smart guy and so loveable. He looks a lot like Bear but he has a snub of a tail and wiggles his butt to display his happiness. He’s very laid back and loves being adored, and adore him we do.

He’s walked with me twice now, and has learned rapidly to stay to the left. He’s not aggressive with other dogs and may not be able to bark–so far he just growls happily and whines when he wants something.  We don’t even have to worry about him running, since he stays very close even outside unleashed. We are so happy!


Remember this woman?

Remind you at all of this woman:

Yes, well I thought it might.

It would be hard to find a woman who is more hateful and mean on this planet.

Even Republicans find her actions awful and “unhelpful” to the GOP.

What has she done? Nothing more than sign an executive order denying all the new “dream-like” immigrants who will have temporary worker status, the right to obtain a driver’s license or ID in her precious state.

I certainly hope that she has her gravesite picked out. I’d advise it to be on the floor of the grand canyon. You can’t get too close to home ya know Jan. Beelzebub will be hosting your coming home party in HELL.

What a douche.


One can only assume that the R-R folks (Romney-Ryan) believe that the electorate is stone stupid. I suppose one comes to that conclusion from living in ivy-league land all one’s life, never in want, never required to DO anything to eat or secure a roof over your head.

Ryan WE KNOW recommended the same cuts in the Medicare budget that the President has done. Let’s get this clear. The President’s cuts are not to benefits or beneficiaries. They are to doctors and hospitals compensation. And that money will be replaced by the exchanges once in place in 2014. Ryan’s take away are given to states under his desire that vouchers be offered to seniors which allows them “buy” insurance (which won’t be easily done of course), and the doctors are NOT made whole again.

Still R-R continue the lie that Obama “robbed” Medicare and they wouldn’t, when the truth is, they really would rob medicare which Obama of course didn’t.


Okay, next to Mean OLD Jan Brewer, who has the layers of sedimentary history of Arizona etched on her face (okay that was mean), the next meanest nastiest individual is the state judge from PA, who ruled that the voter registration law in PA is okay even though admittedly there is no voter fraud problem in PA. I mean really? REALLY?

Need we add that the judge is a Republican?


I’m convinced that the GOP has accepted the fact that it is the party of old white men, with a few confused Negroes and a lot of submissive women added for spice. Soledad O’Brien has been twice raked over the coals by GOP operatives  because she refuses to let them get away with the $716 billion cut to Medicare that is the favorite GOP meme going. When former Governor Sununu from NH refused to explain his claim, he told her to “paste a Obama sticker on her forehead.” When she refused to accept these blatant lies from T-Paw, he asked her if she understood English.

Well, she does, and well, you guys just are so good with women and Latinos aren’t ya?


Yesterday, I was at the pool, and  chatting with a woman I know from my aerobics class. She asked if I was “raised in this area” to which I replied, “No, I’m originally from Michigan, by way of Connecticut and Iowa.” She replied, “ahh, that explains the accent.”

ACCENT? I don’t have no stinkin’ accent!  Really I don’t.

Now this is an accent:

Thanks to Don from Massachusetts for the two pics.