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Now that the Duke of Bain has bowed to the wishes of the crasser and more ignorant (read mostly all of it) portions of his party by nominating ideologue boy Paulie, all the goobers in the box seem to be rattling to be heard.

It is the high ascendency of stupid season, and those vying for head stupid are clawing at the cage door.

First up, one Samuel Wurzelbacher, otherwise known as “Joe the Plumber” is biddin’ to represent the fair people of Ohio’s district #9. He recently said this:

“For years, I’ve said put a damned fence on the border going to Mexico and start shooting.

First of all Joe, there is no border “going to Mexico”. The border stretches along a line from Texas to California and encompasses some 1,969 miles.

If you see Joe, take a picture. I surely don’t believe he can stand and breath at the same time. He still eats paste.


Sometimes you get more than you asked for. Gotta love this answer to Sean Hannity’s FB query: What do you think of Romney’s VP pick?

Gosh, sure glad he didn’t tell us what he really felt.

(H/T to Angry Black Lady Chronicles)


Lemme get this straight. Willard says that we have had entirely too many Washington Insiders hanging around the White House, and it’s time to bring in the business world. Sooo, he chooses as his running mate a guy who has basically spent his entire professional career working in . . . . Washington!

Working may be a stretch. It turns out that Paulie Boy has done precious little during his more than a decade in DC. For the lowdown on that read the Atlantic report from Garance Franke-Ruta:

As such, Ryan is both a product of and poster boy for the political city. And it is symptom of the corruption and divisiveness of contemporary Washington that a man who has not passed a single piece of substantive legislation, ever, can be hailed as a substantive and deep thinker and the voice of budgetary sanity while racking up an actual record consisting overwhelmingly of renaming post offices, honoring Ronald Reagan and Wisconsin, providing for the issuance of commemorative coins, and increasing the deficit through massive tax cuts. . . .


It’s oh so fun when the kids begin to squabble isn’t it? “I picked him! No I did!, No, I saw him first! No, you were pickin’ your nose and I waved him in!”

So goes the new dust-up between the Romney clan and the folks over at the Weekly Standard.

It seems that way too much of the far right and the media is giving kudos to Billy Kristol who has been harping at Willard and demanding Ryan be the choice.

And Willard and his kin are adamant that Kristol’s desires played no part in their decision.

I have to give some votes here to Willard. I mean Kristol’s last choice (old Sarah, the has-been), didn’t turn out so well did it?


Oh somersaults are in order folks. Pray once, pray twice, twirl, touch you tush, wink three times and spit on the floor!

The Newty family is hoping to snag them one of those talkin’ shows, like Regis and Kelly, ya know?

I mean (does crazy eyes run in Republican families or what), jeesh, what’s a grifter like Newtykins to do without no real job?

Can you just die for it? Oh let it be true. As true as green steak with apple pie relish is good!


I think it would be a good idea if more people thought about marbles. I haven’t thought about marbles in a very long time. I used to play marbles when I was a kid. Not so very often, because marbles was more a boys game than a girls. Jacks were more for girls.

I didn’t have a very big marble collection as a consequence. I wish it had been larger. I would like to collect marbles as a hobby. But I don’t think very many people play marbles any more. I never see marbles anywhere for sale.

Don’t you think it would make a fine Olympic sport? As good as skeet shooting I think.

If people thought more about marbles and losing them, they might think less about hating people and buying more guns. At least it’s a working theory.

If you think I’m nuts. Well, I’m not and I can prove it, because I’m not the only one who thinks about marbles. You can read more musing at 3quarksdaily here.