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Well, knock me down, turn around and kick me in the keister. I’m shocked, I tell you shocked. Willard apparently is prepared to turn the whole thing over to budget wonder boy and all around cold-heart, one Paulie Ryan.

You know, the guy with the budget plan that Willard never endorsed, and now it will be “his”  because there ain’t no way around that stump.

And God the filing cabinets are just crammed full of analyses of the slicing and dicing intent of the Ryan budget, so all the work is done. We just gotta plaster it all over the place and smirk as we point out that it is just this sort of budget plan that allows our Willard to zoom around the world in his private jets and thumb his nose at the IRS while counting his millions in off-shore and overseas accounts.

The abacus dweebs must be fairly bouncing off their office chairs with glee that FINALLY, accounting is back in fashion–the good old “cook the books” variety. They will razzle and dazzle with sleight of hand, rabbits in hats, disappearing girls, and coins coming from ears. You will hear that the there is no intent to reduce the poor to deaths door iffin’ they don’t get to work at them slave wages for the company man. No sirree, it’s all smoke and mirrors.

But we have the magic glasses and can see through it all.

In a pure act of desperation, somebody decided that this was the only hope. And I can’t imagine that the Democrats could be much happier than they are today.

Such is my take on the day’s events.


This kind of sums it up doesn’t it?

I’ve been led to understand that Willard often ignores the council of his advisers (and frankly that wouldn’t be half bad since they seem rather incompetent anyway), and decides things from his regal upper crust location in the stratosphere of America.

Is this one of those occasions? Or has he taken their advice this time? It seems a bungled play for sure.


Thank goodness Curiosity was sent to a place that is vastly more likely to have life on it!

What excuse will the GOP use after November as to why they aren’t interested in actually governing?

I’m betting that the GOP, whatever the outcome will be paralyzed by its two wings–the viciously big business wing vs the viciously insane teapots.


The best chance the Restuplicans have of winning of course, is if they can suppress the vote.

Still, I’m not sure that they can win even then. Will “republicans” show up at the polls if everyone knows who they are? I mean consider the embarrassment! Might as well carry a sign “I’m a horse’s ASS, and I am one selfish SOB”.


Do Republicans have their own dictionaries?

Is truth in it?

I wonder what it says?

truth: noun. A vaporous transparency, malleable, subject to change on a moments notice. A mold, used to craft a position for the moment. The opposite of reality and accuracy. Synonym: relative.

Photoshop!!! Make that Ryan Plan.

No difference.

Ryan’s is just prettier packaging.

And it carries the Ayn Rand seal of approval, which is dystopian all by itself.

Is Willard reading Atlas Shrugged today?

And so it all comes down to this.

The two hair guys.

The two businessmen, with their briefcases and adding machines. They claim we have to do this.

But they have been trapped in their airless accounting rooms for so long that they have no relationship with humans any more. Only numbers turn them on. Only free markets gets their juices flowing.


Oh this is gonna be fun. Democrats prayed for this, and perhaps in some ways they forced this to happen. The constant hammering about the shallowness of Willard’s principles was working. He was not convincing anyone that he was a real conservative or still a hidden moderate. Ryan soothes the Teabots, which is what Democrats wanted. This makes the choice crystal clear doesn’t it? Are we teaslug bound or will we reject the dark side?

It is shaping up to be a great campaign. At least for us political types.

Have a happy Saturday.