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Yes no doubt it is. Just as La Pierre and his band of gun-sodden nuts. After all, guns don’t kill, people do–with guns.

And for the Breitbart wannabes out there who were sure this was some Obama-induced Islamic terrorist. . . .first go learn some history, and then shut the F**K up.

And the senseless killing continues perpetrated by mentally ill individuals who find it oh so easy to purchase the weaponry they desire to wreak havoc on innocents.

How sick of this need we get before we wake up?


Because I have fabulously bright and well read readers, I invite you to a website that I suspect many of you will thoroughly enjoy. It’s called the Boston Review, and comes out I believe 4-6 times a year. You can of course subscribe to a hard copy but I think you can read all or most of it online. This month’s subject is: Under the Influence: Politicians listen to money rather than to the public’s preferences. An opening article starts the discussion and then others respond with articles of their own. Plus there is more. Go take a look.


I have come to the very important conclusion that being a leveraged-buyout artist ala Willard, must be a job that any moron can do. Why you say?

Because every which way I turn, Willard manages to screw the pooch. I mean has anyone ever run a worse campaign to date? His attempt to turn the lawsuit filed by the Obama Administration against the new voting law that seriously shortens the time average people have to vote into some anti-military thing is falling on deaf ears. Perhaps, and finally, people are starting to understand that with Willard it is noun, verb, lie whenever he opens his mouth.

Similarly Willard has come out against tax credits for wind energy, something that is insane in a state like Iowa which was still considered a toss-up. Wind energy accounts for some 20% of electric power in Iowa and supports several thousand jobs. Nice job dunce!

So headhunters! Call me! I can leverage all day!


Some people are no longer worth picking on because they have lost every last cell of common sense and gone over to the willy-wonka crazy tent. Such a one is Bryan Fischer, the dude who waxes all too often on the growing fascism of the President. Today Bryan told us that a Saudi woman who competes in judo is nothing more than way of promoting sharia law, something he claims is now enshrined in the Olympics.

I bet if you asked his mom, you’d find out that Bryan ate paste as a child. He has all the symptoms of paste syndrome you know–wild leaps of fantasy, followed by long bouts of crying.


Oh, gosh, it’s so hard to decide who to give the YOU’RE STUPID AS HELL AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT, award for the week. I think I’ll give it to that perennial idiot, James Inhofe, senator from the burning state of Oklahoma. Given the awful weather of the year, and the growing and uncontradicted reports of global warming, Mr stupid pants came up with this intellectual response:

“It gets cold, it gets warmer, it gets colder, gets warmer. God is still up there, and I think it’ll continue in the future.”

Another paste eater for sure.


If ya didn’t hear, our new best friend, Curiosity Rover landed softly on Mars and is busy going about its job. You can follow her at Twitter: Curiosity Rover @MarsCuriosity. She’s a her, cuz I said so.


There are 12 rules to being a human being. Bet you didn’t know that. There are though, and if you don’t believe me, go over to  Mark and Angel’s and see. I wouldn’t lie ya know.

Life lessons. Don’t miss them.


Scott Erb over at World in Motion has a great post on givers versus takers. And I want you to know I stole this from the post. I wouldn’t lie to ya, like I said.

Yeah, someday they will wake up. Hopefully before it’s too late.

We’re having some brokeback tacos for dinner with guacamole and green chile salsa. And I need to get into the kitchen and start makin’ it. If you would like thee recipes just head on over to What’s On the Stove? and you can find ’em with little efforts.

Have a good one.