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Well another week has come to an end but there is no end to the political shenanigans of our favorite jackass, one Willard Romney.

Willard, you may remember, took off for Europe to show his bona fides as a foreign diplomatic expert, and fell flat on his face. Mostly, he courted the Jewish vote, nearly promising them to give up Mormonism in return for a few bucks and a vote.

And so it goes.


So, an independent group scored out Willard’s tax plan and found the obvious–the rich get the breaks, the middle and working classes pay the bill. Now Willard screams that the they did it all wrong, because there’s lots of stuff he hasn’t actually made public yet. And this will make all the difference.

Except the analysis, aware of Willard’s propensity to not give “details” scored it by giving him the benefit of the doubt on every area where he was skimpy with details. And, um, well that’s how they got to the result they did. Now given that Willard’s real intentions are much more draconian than the bare-bones he admits to. . . .well you get the picture on how dark the actual picture will be.


You have to laugh at the GOP and their crowd of indignant christianists. Why how rude, and totally against the spirit of the first amendment can you get to boycott a company that is blatant in its homophobia?

I mean really.

I mean the “million moms” (actually 723 women with empty-nest syndrome), were only saving America from the horror that Ellen DeGeneres would bring should she be a spokesperson for JCP. I mean that had nothing to do with the 1st Amendment. Nor the boycott against Starbucks, nor the boycott against that glitzy Dallas B*tches show, and on and on.

But hey, it was fun. Got to see old plastic-surgery marathon patient Pat Boone didn’t ya?


The GOP, after having a leisurely rest for the entire month of August, will return to Washington and begin the chant that we have no defenses left if the sequestration rule goes into effect. The same rule they voted to impose, remember.

Oh, lawdy, there will be one less battleship to patrol the seven seas! I may faint, truly I may.

But nary a word to the cuts that will occur to social programs, cutting meals to kids, and food stamps, and well, just assume that if you are poor, you once again will be SCREWED or thread fastening deviced, as you wish.


Did I use this one before?

If I did, sorry for the repeat.

It’s funny.

Not nearly funny to the poor guy who owns the field.

But hey, I bet you could spend a good long time working your way through that maze.

I’m giddy. It’s Saturday.

This picture always reminds me of Martin Scorsese, or Jack Benny.

Does it remind you of anyone?

I really don’t like people who dress up apes and monkeys and try to make them do human things.

Taking a noble creature (aren’t all animals noble?) and making fun of them for amusement.

Not right.

Given the amazing respect this man enjoys, don’t you feel just a tiny bit small when you claim that a few (largely misunderstood) lines in a religious tract mean you are supposed to deny rights to someone?

I mean, just a tad small?

Paul never MET Jesus if you recall. I have a problem with his words ( and many suggest they may not be his words) are used to trump Jesus’ who (what?) never said a word on the subject of same-sex love.

Well, not if I can help it, it won’t.

Isn’t it strange that I had a fairly decent opinion of Willard before I got to know anything about him.

Now I think that he is kind of an emotional creep of sorts, who has lived his entire life with “his kind” and hasn’t a clue what real people are like.

Further, he believes most deeply that “his kind” are the natural rulers of the world, and the “they” will paternalistically take care of us by forcing us to take our medicine–be happy you have a job, and don’t question the boss.

So, hey, wiggle your butt and crow like a duck, or whinny like a mule, or prance like a centipede, or slither like an otter. Makes no difference to me, but do have fun.

Ta ta.