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Well here we are again.

Nothing changes does it? Well not much anyway.

I mean ya gotta feel pretty poor when your chief attribute in a VEEP candidate is that you be bland, boring, and nondescript.

Happily there are plenty of Republicans that fit that bill.

If you asked Willard what his favorite vegetable was, he’d say green beans, his favorite meal? meatloaf. His favorite dessert? vanilla ice cream. Bland, boring, yep that’s him.

Funny, one would never have thought that bland and  boring went with richie-rich and lack of moral character. Usually the fabulously wealthy scoundrels are also bombastic blow-hearts. Or at least I thought so. But then, I’m not rich.

Meanwhile, the SCOTUS sent us into spasms of freak when it decided that the health care mandate was actually constitutional, which left all those poor folks who were dressed up in grim reaper garb standing on the Supreme Court steps, all dressed up with no place to go.

It lead slightly stupid people like Mr. Ron Paul’s son, saying really dumb things, like “well who cares what a couple of men think, anyway?” And that’s not Ru Paul by the way but Rand.

And Willard, well he was left in a quandary, since he had often referred to his Massachusetts penalty for failure to purchase insurance as a PENALTY and not a tax. But this didn’t go over well with the crazy right (wrong of course and ain’t that ironic?) wing who wanted it declared a tax since they get all erotically excited by the word.

So Willard, being the morph that he is, spun and clicked his heels, and declared that the Obama law was a tax and that was a frightful thing and it made Obama a liar (a thing of which the Willy knows a thing or two himself), and the Massachusetts similarity was not really similar at all, cuz it happened in a STATE and not a COUNTRY, and so there.

Which left poor old chief judge Roberts in an awful way.

Some sort of thought that he was off his meds.

Some sort of thought he was a sleeper socialist/Nazi/Fascist/Commie/Pinko/turncoat.

Or worse.

Some thought he was clever, and really dealt the Democrats a death-blow. (There was only one of those)

Sarah thought things, and spoke some of them, and nobody cared.

But the whole dang GOP grabbed onto the word TAX and hugged it to death, cuz when the GOP thinks it can attach the T word (much worse in their minds than the N word) to ya, they think they have won the day.

I think somebody could make a bundle off manufacturing these weather vanes.

I’d buy one.

Speaking of which.

Why are they called weather vanes? They are really wind vanes. They don’t tell me nuttin’ about the weather, just which way the wind blows.

It’s the first question out of Willard’s mouth each morning, once he removes the silver spoon–“hey dear, which way’s the wind blowing? Gotta know what to agree with or not ya know. I’m running for President ya know. Gotta have OPINIONS. And I do. Whatever they tell me, I believe for today. I’m a clean slate–tabla rasa and all that jazz. Got any more pancakes?”

The TeaNutz® are all in a dither.

The Party of Lincoln has been nearly obliterated by the hungry mobs.

They are patriots without any knowledge of history. They make it up as they go along.

The Founding Fathers were gods, sent by THE God doncha know.

They want you to have guns, but no health insurance. They want you to be from WESTERN Europe, not EAST and certainly not from no SOUTH American, though Canada is OKAY. They pretty much think it would have been a good thing had those freed slaves gone back home, though don’t expect them to pay for it. They are for free markets, whatever that might mean. (any word with FREE is probably okay) They hate taxes, and figure that road repair is what chain gangs are for.

Only 2% could tell you they read a book in the last five years, and it was probably “A Retrospective on Three’s Company.”


When gas was going up?

It was the President’s fault.


Fox told us it was.

But it’s been going down for weeks now.

They don’t claim that he is responsible. No.

No they don’t.

It’s probably because the Koch brothers are sure they can buy this election for Willard. They probably caused the OPEC countries to pump more. In happiness. No doubt. Doubt? Just listen to Fox. They always have your back.