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Congratulate me!

This is my first uploaded picture from my phone. Ain’t I just a terrific photographer?

Thanks, I knew you would agree.

This was taken this morning at 7 am and is the Doña Aña’s. I’m facing fairly south, the Organs are at my back. The sky was fairly cloudy to the East and the sun finally peeked through and threw some nice shadows. The foreground is of course the foothills. If you can see a string of brown housing about 1/3 of the way down and across, that would be the neighborhood I come from and was heading back to.

I did see, moments after I took this shot, an animal skedaddling along across the dirt road ahead of me. He was not a rabbit, (bigger) and not a deer, (smaller). I have no idea what he was but he was in a hurry.

I do want you to know that I was rather chagrined and frankly shocked that the political world continued in my absence. I was sure that I would get e-mails from the likes of Ezra Klein, Chris Hayes, and all the political pundits telling me that it just wasn’t any fun without my rapier wit. But apparently that must violate some pundit-oath taking or something, because nary a word.

So, I thought I would pontificate on a few of the things I’ve witnessed lately.

There are lots of candidates for turd of the week.

  • Rush Limbaugh said that the worst thing that has happened in America since sliced bread is women being given the right to vote. Without them, men would have elected sensible men based on, you know, important and rational reasoning, and not the emotional, equality stuff that women are prone to use.  He later said he was kidding, but that was only after his (oh I f**ked up ‘dar kicked in).
  • Joe Walsh who is a dead beat dad and likes to tell the President what he is doing wrong, seems unable to keep his sewer mouth closed as he continues to vilify a multiple-amputee veteran running against him–Tammy Duckworth. Wanna bet how long he will continue to be a congressman?
  • Willard continues to demand that his side explain to him whether refusal to purchase health care insurance is a penalty or a tax. He’s claimed everything under the sun lately and just wants everyone to know that it’s whatever will make the most voters happy to believe. In fact word is he is sending out a poll to have America determine what his views on everything will be. Until of course, America changes it mind and then he will too. Do you think he has stock in flip-flops?
  • Republicans in general are just dumb and dull. Cases in point: Louisiana State Rep Valerie Hodge who thought it just grand to have a voucher system that allowed people to choose a Christian or public school for their kids. Until of course she found out that the vouchers would be good at Muslim schools too. Then she was decidedly less happy. New York Senator Marty Golden decided perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea to invite women to a seminar where he could teach them posture, deportment and feminine deportment. Duh, yeah Marty, rethink that one.
  • Rick Scott and Bobby Jindal continue to claim they will opt out of increased Medicaid coverage under the affordable health care act. Pity since the Feds pick up the entire bill for the increase and the states only pick up 10% after 2020. Something about cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face probably applies here.
  • Speaking of which, we hear that Willard is begging all those swing Republican governors with lower than national unemployment to shut the f**k up in their crowing that their policies are responsible. Romney wants the economy to be BAD you dummies. Don’t tout success! It’s unREStooplican.
  • Never say die. Some people are too dumb to exist. A Oklahoman representative is trying to revive the ancient practice of “nullification” to invalidate the mandate of the AHCA. Why if John Calhoun can try it, why can’t he? Lobotomy anyone?

And that’s that.