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This friendly little guy visited us on our back porch yesterday. He spoke no words but he seemed glad to see us, and stayed still as we sipped coffee in the cool of the morning. He is not a gecko, but I did ask if he was selling insurance. His lack of reply suggests that I was in error with my question.

Today I was visited by a vulture as I walked along my foothill route. I discovered, upon closer inspection that the building I thought was a building site storage facility, was actually Las Cruces City Well #40. Along it ran a road (hard pack dirt and deeply rutted) running parallel to the Organ mountains, so I set off that way yesterday.

I took the same route today, and saw said vulture riding the thermals. He alit atop the light pole that was adjacent to Las Cruces City Well #41, about a mile along the way. From his profile, I realized that he was not the hawk that I first assumed, but had the beak and head of a vulture. He was nowhere near the size of the meadow vultures, which are called turkey vultures. Here they are something else.

I’ve also seen some rather large tracks in the soft sand, and well, they don’t look like dog feet, but then again, the sand may wash out the toenails. I’m thinking large cat, which means mountain lion or something of that sort. I have no idea whether such animals are in this area. But I see others walking about from time to time, so I assume it must be fairly safe. Certainly no, “Beware of Dangerous Carnivores” is apparent.

Which all suggests that it’s time to invest in a local animal, plant, reptile, bug book. One should be able to talk intelligently about the critters and plants that one inhabits space with. I must say, there are a number of native plants that I would love to have in my yard. Others not so much. The “palms” which are both common to the foothills and throughout town as decorative flora, are quite awful from my perspective. The whole thing is essentially dead except for the very top. The just grow taller and taller, and the lower leaves all die off. Not my cup of tea.

On the home front, we have secured driver’s licenses, gotten our direct deposits all changed, and done a bit more of shopping. We have received the Contrarian’s desk and chair, my cutting table, and seven bookcases (in need of assembly). We are scheduled to get a chair and a stand for the flat screen today. So by Monday we should be ready to get our guys back to haul the rest of the boxes from the garage to the library, and I can finish the unpacking.

This comes as no small feat, and one very necessary at this point. I got ready to make pizza yesterday, and realized that the jar of yeast was obviously in a box that is unmarked and still in the garage. We had flour tortilla pizza instead. LOL. Such is life.

So that’s the state of things here at this time. We are trying very hard to not push it. We have a lifetime to settle in. But you know how it goes. At some point, you just want it all done! And I do. Another week or so and it probably will be.

Are you feeling in a limbo because you can’t move on until X is over, done, or overcome? Do you tend to live in the future rather than this moment? I have in the past been prone to this. If you solved it, tell us how. If you haven’t, tell us your story.