I had some time to reflect on this journey as I sat in the pew of the church yesterday. How far I had come, how impossible the journey seemed at the start. How may obstacles and roadblocks, climbed and dismantled.

The meadow, with all its richness of animal and plant life had become my prison. Distance and an ugly lane that threatened any vehicle that had the nerve to attempt it, served to keep me embraced in a love-hate relationship that grew more to hate, sad to say. I resented my lack of mobility and distance I must go to get to the most mundane of destinations.

Having the most loving of husbands, he declared that I had given him twelve wonderful years in the meadow, and it was now my turn to live out my dream.

And so we find ourselves here. Here in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where the terrain is so very different, and the weather is no longer my enemy. Saturday, I went to our Farmer’s market, and purchased a fine walking stick from a lovely gentleman who makes them as his retirement hobby. And today I set out away from the neighborhood and into the foothills to see what I could see.

A rough dirt road leads east towards the mountains, following a line of electric poles. A building stands in the distance, belonging no doubt to the building contractor who was forced to abandon his plans when the housing market collapsed three plus years ago. It is that collapse that allowed us to purchase a huge home thousands of dollars cheaper than we would otherwise been able to afford.

A third of a mile along the route, a side road veers off to the right and begins a meandering weave still heading east but in a less explicit way. I scan back and forth for snakes and other unfriendlies but see nary a thing, just the desert grasses and tiny cactus plants littering the sand. Off in the distance, I can see mean looking houses and perhaps a trailer or two, suggesting that there is another neighborhood out here. I can hear a dog or two, but that is all. Few if any birds seem interested in the land, though it is still quite cool this Monday morning.

After about twenty minutes, I feel my legs, which suggests that perhaps I’ve gone far enough this time, and I turn back. I see an old pickup running along the electric lines, that main “road” I had doglegged off from. It continues on to where the pavement begins, slowing down and dropping carefully over the curb and then proceeding off to the highway.

I returned home tired but happy and an hour later, I headed off to the aquatic center to start my second new adventure–swimming laps three days a week, and the senior discount of $1.50 per hour. And from there, a stop at the grocery store to get the food necessary to create a few pleasant meals.

My arms hurt from movements they haven’t made in way too long. My legs get stronger and feel pretty good. The Contrarian is off to Lowe’s to but picture hangers, and grass killer to get ready for the renovation of our back yard. We have a lot of stuff to buy this week, a gas grill, table for the patio, a desk and chair for his office, and some kitchen cabinets and counter for my craft room. And of course some 7-8 bookcases to buy for the library. Then the rest of the boxes to be moved in, and back to unpacking.

But the end is near.

We have the car retitled and registered and we will get our new driver’s licenses and voter registration before the end of the week.

And then there is all the other plans. The hope that I can find volunteer work at the mission or at a food pantry. The traveling we wish to do to the Grand Canyon and to Taos. And we must visit Carlsbad of course, it’s only a couple of hours away or so.

It is a new life. It is a new commitment. It is my dream come true.

What is your dream? Are you living it now? Are you working on it?

Until the next time!