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That is me.

All this time, you probably thought I was a human.

I’m not.

I live to be lazy.

It’s really really hard to be lazy when you move. Cuz if you are lazy, the boxes just sit and talk to you, and they are creepy.

So, here is where things stand. I know, you haven’t been able to sleep for waiting to hear have ya?

Kitchen is basically done, except for the one or two boxes that I obviously never marked and are still in the garage holding my salt-cellar, my food processor, and a few other things. But I can function okay with the way things are.

The floors are being done by the end of the week. Our guy has found the tile store which supplied the tile for the main floors, so when finished, the whole house will be tiled except for the closets which are carpeted.

We have two fully functional bathrooms, all the caulking is finished, and I have shower curtains for both. The front-loading washer and dryer are wonderful, using much less water and soap that the top filler. Love them both.

Once the floors are done we will move to phase whatever, getting our moving guys to bring in the boxes from the garage, and getting the stuff to set up all three rooms. So a new round of deliveries. We are still missing our coffee table and end table (not yet in) and a chair and a TV entertainment center, also not yet in. I have 4 more chairs to purchase for various rooms, and various other smaller pieces of this and that, and so forth.

I wish it were all done, but it’s a process, and we are so far done that it freaks me sometimes to recall how things were just a mere two months ago. We are now waiting for the insurance cards to arrive so we can re-register the car. Then there is the matter of getting new licenses, registering to vote, blah, blah, blah.

Our handyman is also going to give us an estimate on making a gazebo off the covered porch and rocking the back yard. Then we will buy some additional plantings. I want mostly native desert plants. I get some good ideas from the neighbors.

So, sorry about the boring aspects of all this. I get very little time at the computer since I am obsessive about getting things put away. I’m ready to set up my craft room and the library. The Contrarian will take care of his office set up, and has pretty much decided on his furniture desires.

I’m paying attention to the political scene but have not fire in the tummy for writing about it right now. I hope that changes when I finally get settled in.

I’m cooking, but frankly not really enjoying it much mostly because I’m so tired when I get to it. We are loving the restaurants about town though. I have learned that what I make must be strictly Tex-Mex, since New Mexican cuisine is quite different. We are in love with the enchiladas, burritos and tacos, even though they don’t resemble my versions. I spied a local bookstore in old downtown and will be stopping in to look for an authentic New Mexico cookbook.

So that’s that. Hope you are all doing well. I try to visit when I can.

Oh, do me a huge favor. Please send a HI at my new e-mail. Nothing more required. It will make it ever so much easier to set up my new address book. I truly hate setting up a new e-mail service. But I can one-button add you from a e-mail sent to me. So please all of you, just drop a HI to casapeyton@centurylink.net and I would appreciate it. I know I owe a couple of e-mails myself to those who have asked for a street address. I will get to it soon, I promise.