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Boy things have been moving fast here. As you can see, being back on the Internet one of them.

This is the front of our home.

We have furniture (partial at least) which was delivered Monday and we moved in that afternoon, having a bed and a couch.

Our POD was delivered on Tuesday, and Wednesday three wonderful guys were hired to unpack it. They did so in record time and I began to reassemble my kitchen. That took three full days but it’s pretty well done now.

The POD was picked up Wednesday afternoon, so we are done completely with them. The washer and dryer arrived today along with the Direct TV and the Internet connection. I’m now in the process of unpacking clothes and the next item is to pull up the carpeting in the extra bedrooms and put in either tile or wood flooring and then set them up. So I’ll have a bit of a breather.

The fireplace at the right is ours, and is a gas one which the Contrarian is thrilled with. I’m not sure we would use a wood one. After all these years, he’s about tired of dealing with wood.

The weather has been wonderful. Sunny every day, and hot. Most everyone says close to the house during the day, and most outside activity takes places in the early evening or early morning.

I’ve been walking the neighborhood each morning which takes about 25 minutes in total. Fun to get ideas on landscaping and so forth. The mountains remain beautiful. At the end of the block I can look left and see the Doña Anas and to the right of course, the Organs. They seem close enough to walk to, but I rather suspect they are not.

I’ve seen bunnies running in the foothills and I think a roadrunner. We have doves and some sparrows nesting in some of our trees.

The neighborhood is quiet except for the dogs, which I wake every morning on my walk. You can pretty much identify where I am in the subdivision by which dogs are barking at me.

We’ve been going pretty much non-stop since Monday morning, and every single muscle in my body is telling me about it.

It’s more exercise than I’ve had in a good while, but in a week or so, I’m sure I’ll be fine.

This gives you a general idea of how the house looks.

The kitchen is actually bigger than it looks. Next to the fridge on this side is a full pantry that is already bursting with canned goods.

Everything seems to work fine.

I’m doing my first load of clothes in my new washer and it is so quiet you wouldn’t know it was working but for the ding at the end.

We still have a lot to do with landscaping and the office, library and craft room, but at least we are now able to cook and relax.

I still have plenty of furniture shopping to do, mostly chairs for various rooms. These will come later when we get those rooms set up better.

I have a new e-mail which is casapeyton@centurylink.net. I can’t figure out how to capture my old e-mail yet, and it all seems strange as you would expect but the wi-fi is wonderful. Anyways, enough for now, and I hope to get back to blogging on a serious basis soon. Sickening about Wisconsin, but I figured that dick would pull it out.

So Adios until I can get back at it. Take care, and thanks for all your encouragement and prayers.