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Well here we are on our next to last day in Motel land. We bought cleaning products and took all the new bedding and towels to the house and spent more time trying to figure out how things work. Three thousand switches would not be out of line. There is even a switch for the gas fireplace. There are lights for indoors and outdoors, and garage and well, you get the picture.

Tomorrow the furniture is being delivered. Then we will return to the motel and pack it up and leave for home. We will be without Internet until Friday some time. Hopefully there will be no glitches. We are supposed to be Wi-Fi available and of course we are wired for cable. The dish is already there.

One puzzling oddity that we have not yet solved. Mail is located at common mail boxes at the end of the block between blocks. But they are not numbered by house number but contain 24 boxes numbered 1-12 “A” and 1-12 “B”. We also have no key and no way to know which is ours. The one neighbor I talked to said they got keys from the “builder” back when they first bought into the area. He’s shut down his building operation now it would seem due to housing crisis.  

So the first step is to call the company and see if they are still in operation, and then I guess call the post office. There must be a solution. But as you can guess, we are used to having our own mailbox at the curb. So weird.

We’ve decided to slow down our unpacking and remove all the carpeting from three bedrooms, the only carpeting in the house. The master bedroom has cherry wood floors. We are putting down wood floors in those rooms. Figured it made more sense to do it now, rather than have to dismantle rooms in order to do it, and especially hard when you have 6 book cases filled with books.

Thanks for your great ideas regarding a house name! I like ’em! I am anxious to get settled, but realize it’s going to be a slow process, and that is what it needs to be. Better to get it right than just throw things together.

So, thanks again for all your support. And hopefully I’ll be back with you soon.

Bless ya!