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Just an update.

I am one pooped person.

We shopped.

We got the keys to the house late yesterday, and the deed has been filed. We are officially the owners of Puffin Hacienda. The Contrarian prefers that title, and prefers that you now refer to him as Don Contrarian, if you please. Yeah, I know, I told him to go soak his head too.

I do think a name is in order for our new New Mexican home though. Puffin seems wrong, since there are no nests or sea shore near by. We nearly made an offer on a place located on Leaping Lizard Loop. Now that is a name doncha think? So, given that we are in the foothills of the Organ Mountains on the way to the White Sands Missile Range, and on the way to Alamagordo. We have yuccas and other desert like plants, and no doubt plenty of gecko-ey like lizards around. So offer up a name for our abode!

As I said, we shopped.

We bought a sofa, chest of drawers, dining room set, lazy boy, coffee table, two end tables, another occasional chair for the library, and a entertainment center for the big screen. We have about 3 more chairs to buy and patio furniture, all the book cases, and some kitchen cabinets and kitchten top to construct a work area in my craft room. Also the washer and dryer. First we are building a stand to raise them up since I’m getting front loaders.

I also purchased bedding and towels and a shower curtain.

The bulk of the furniture is being delivered on Monday. The POD arrives on Tuesday, the Direct TV and WiFi is being hooked up on Friday. So we are moving over on Monday, since it will be no worse than we have here, actually a bit better. No cooking equipment, but a microwave and fridge, and couch and chair, dining table, bed and one bathroom worth of stuff. Whew.

So we are moving along. Still a lot of crap stuff to do, such as register the car, new driver’s licenses, VA tax waivers to fill out, yada yada yada. But given that a year ago I was on the way other end of this, I think we are moving along darn well. At least the light at the end of the tunnel is getting bright enough to look for sunglasses.

Thanks for all your good wishes, and let me know if you can think of a name for our hacienda. And yes, I keep thinking that the Feather needs a new name now too, so offer it up if it comes to you.


So from Monday until Friday no Internet. How will I survive? lol…