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Much has happened in the last 24 hours. We were notified to go ahead and get the inspection on the new house, and by begging Pedro, we got him over at 10 in the morning for that. It went well, with no major issues at all, and just a bit of caulking to do around the windows to prevent water problems. All the big stuff is just fine.

The phone rang at near 5 pm and it was our realtor, and it was announced that the closing would be today at 10 am. That was unexpected. So we went into panic mode, writing down lists of to do’s that would outdo any 7-year-old and his list to Santa. We hit the phones at 8 am, calling the utilities, and hit the bank at 9, and were at the title company at 10. The seller authorized his sister, who lives in Michigan to act for him, so she signed and had the warranty deed notorized and faxed late yesterday. The original has not yet arrived through Fed Ex so we don’t have the keys yet, but we have a copy of the deed and the closing papers.

We have all our utilities scheduled to start tomorrow, our Pod is being delivered in the 5th, the bed any day we would like, the DirectTV hookups are set for the 8th. I still have more furniture shopping to do and do the change of address tomorrow, which I can do online. Hopefully we will get the keys tomorrow to, and then I can schedule the furniture delivery to get us started. This means we should probably be able to get out of the motel sometime next week and at least get by until we get unpacked etc.

It’s been a busy day, and the ensuing days are going to be so as well, so I am not sure when I will get to blog or be peppy enough to consider it. Anyway, we are happy. We just would love to get ahold of the keys and then we can really feel secure. We have already measured a lot of stuff when the inspection was being done, so we have a pretty good idea what will fit where. It’s way bigger than we thought, 1729 square feet and so that eases my mind about the dining room set that I am interested in.

So ta-ta for now, and will keep ya posted as things move along. We are no longer homeless!