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Oh what tangled webs we weave.

I big thanks to comments that helped me understand the reasoning why banks are loath to get rid of houses they have foreclosed on.

Today our realtor stopped by and gave us a number of options. None was great. Our second choice with the great view is also a short sale, so we gain nothing by withdrawing the offer and starting again with this house. And our third and fourth choices are too far down the line to be anything but a disappointment if we chose them at this point.

On the upside, the realtor handling the short sale, says she has assurances that we will get this house, but the paperwork is simply winding its way through the machine of bureaucratic crap that one always expects. 

Our offer is in a place called “quality control” whatever that means. It is expected to get a provisional acceptance mid-week of next. It has been sent to HUD, why I am not sure, and two lines in the contract must be changed of no consequence to comply with the myriad of federal rules regarding short sales. 


We have told our realtor to start looking for new possibilities, raising our price a bit, and not including any short sale homes. If one comes along that is better, we will jump all over it,  otherwise we will trust that this will come through, since there is no reason on earth why it shouldn’t. We have no mortgage issues.

So that is where it sits now. We are now expecting that we could close late next week or early the following. But of course, with a bank who knows. The short sale realtor has been motivated to pressure the bank or lose a sale. Our realtor wants to sell us any house we want, so she has no reason to push this house and fudge on the probabilities. So we feel that we are making the right decision now.

Having reviewed the entire situation, we remain desirous for many reasons to get this particular house or at least one of comparable quality. We don’t want to accept less. We are getting a rather hefty price break off the initial asking price, so we don’t want to lose such a great house.

The seller is stationed in Afghanistan and has signed everything and wants very much to sell.

The house above is not the house, but is somewhat similar. The eco-friendly landscaping would be accurate, especially. The house is stuccoed as most are here, rather than the more expensive (I presume) adobe.

I shall keep you updated.

I know, be still your hearts, the excitement is showing!

Have a great Memorial Day.

I’ll probably write something if I can come up with anything worthy of note.