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That’s me. Still waiting. Technically, I think we are supposed to get an answer either tomorrow or Friday. It cannot come too soon. It cannot.

We have shopped most everything we can think of. Sofas and chairs, dining room, beds, bookcases, end tables, desks, blah blah blah. I’ve even found unfinished kitchen cabinets I can place at the ends of a wall and drop a laminated top over at a reasonable price to set up my craft room.

Trouble is, I’m working to furnish a house we don’t yet have, and have no assurance we will get it. We do have a backup house which has its own specialness and was my first choice at one time. It’s got the view to die for. But of course if we are forced to that, it’s another couple weeks delay.

Did I mention that we are sick and tired of living in a motel?

Just wanted to mention that.

Other stuff is going well. We go to the post office to pick up our mail. We have a bank, although our debit cards are not yet in. We have successfully transferred the Contrarian’s VA stuff to the local out-patient office here, and he has his yearly appointment set up already. One must be happy about small victories I guess.

New Mexico gifted us with colds. I got mine first, and am nearly over with it. The Contrarian is in his third day and is mighty grumpy indeed.

It is in the mid to high 90’s here each day, although I hear that the rest of the country is also experiencing rather abnormally high temps for May. But that has nothing to do with global warming of course. Course not.

Did I mention that I am tired of living in a motel?

It’s awful when you refer to a motel room as “home.”

We had a good view of the solar eclipse, sort of. I went to the farmer’s market which was grand and learned that the NMSU was having a thing at the mall with the opportunity to look through their solar telescope and viewing glasses for a buck. We went. We got their 50 minutes before the eclipse was scheduled to start. The line to look through the solar telescope was already about 200 long and the glasses had already sold out. No point in staying any longer for that.

We are traveling around like we have lived her most all our lives. We now are discovering the “easier” way to get from A to B, avoiding some of the busier intersections. I lived in Cedar Rapids for 12 years and could get lost in that town simply by turning down any foreign street. I can’t explain it.

I never felt properly oriented in that state. I can’t explain that either. I often felt I was going north when I was traveling west. The Contrarian thinks that’s funny. He wonders if I need a compass. Or if I can read one.

I can, have so owned, and so there. And I never have had issues with location before.

I was allergic to Iowa and I think it made my brain work poorly. I think my brain is oriented to true north and I think Iowa is a deep sink hole electromagnetically speaking. Truly I do.

Anyway, that is where it all stands today.

The Contrarian claims that New Mexico is high in sheep production. There is nary a piece of lamb to be found in any store here that I have been in so far. None in Iowa. I don’t get that. I could always get it in Michigan and Connecticut. What goes? Anyone know? Pipe up and explain it please.

We had A fly in the room for 2 days. It must have died, or gotten out. I’m quite sure it was sleeping in our luggage and came from Iowa. It has a lone fly home.

Oh, it’s about time to start thinking of what to go pick up for lunch. Mmmmm, love eating like this I can tell ya.

More later. Pray that that damn answer is yes!