My life used to  be simple. Life in the meadow was quiet. I often-times didn’t leave it for weeks on end.

My life is no longer simple. I’m on the go every day. There is always something that needs doing it seems. The alternative, is not so good, sitting in a motel room can get very boring very quickly.

But I’m on the whole rather amped as they say. Today we are heading off to look at furniture so we can be ready to go buy the minute the house is available (assuming we get it of course). This fills me with excitement, since I can’t imagine much more fun that roaming through couches, dining room sets, bedroom furniture, washers and dryers and such. Can you?

Well, one person is not all that enthused. That would be the Contrarian. I bet that shocks you. He is so NOT into furniture that well, it makes me think that furniture shopping is somehow unmale, and I know that can’t be true.

He’s taken to threatening me that if I force him to the end table extravaganza, he will demand that I attend his tool buying boredom. I mean really, there is a difference. He sits his pretty fanny on the couch too ya know, while I have zero intent on laying my hands on something called a  mitre-box, or stupid things that make awful noise in the garage.

No doubt you agree, though come to think of it, you guys often side with him for reasons that I cannot fathom. I think you only wish to humor him at least that’s what I tell myself.


Okay, I haven’t said a word about politics for nearly two weeks now. It feels good, though there is plenty to say. So plenty to say. And I’m reading a fair amount of my blogs to keep up. Do bear with me, I’ll be back at it soon, I promise. Just a taste: Mitt remains awful, the President is doing better.

As to the high-speed thingie. Wow, We have left dial-up far behind. I can report that I have no fond memories of it either. It was slow, cumbersome, and totally wrecked things like Facebook and Twitter. Speaking of which, both work magnificently now, and I am doing a bit more there. I can also see videos, watch TV shows online that we have missed, listen to podcasts, and view YouTube (not so exciting as I thought).

Mostly I can post so much faster, not having to wait for every freakin’ thing to load. I have zillions more pics to choose from on google pictures, they download almost instantly, and so I’m a happy camper. Our proposed house is cable, and high-speed internet ready, a nice bonus. The house was only built in 2007 in a brand new subdivision, so it has all the expected amenities. Once I learn how to take pics with my phone and upload them to the computer, I’ll take you on a tour, should our offer be excepted. We have a closing date of May 31 should all go well, so sometime after that.

Yeah, I’m rambling.

The TV schedule is all screwed up here. Not even the paper guide is accurate when it comes to HBO and some of the cable channels. Basically we follow Central time in that the primetime starts at 7 pm – 10pm. This was a shocker to me, being a EST person most of my life where primetime is 8-11. And then there is my morning show. I can barely get any Morning Joe here since it starts at 4 am and is over at 7. My UP with Chris Hayes starts at 6 am instead of 7. Mountain time folk like to be different. I can but imagine what happens in Pacific time, or those poor folks in Hawaii.

So that is what is happening right now, as the sun rises and the day begins.

We have some small chance that we will hear about the house this week. I surely hope so. I surely do. I’m getting giddy.