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Wow, has it only been a week?

Are we having fun yet?

I’m way too old for this.

Life in the motel. Oh boy, what an adventure.

Actually, as motels go, this is fairly nice. The folks who run it are pleasant and helpful, and we are central to most places we wish to go to.

We have a bed, a small table and three chairs, none of them comfortable. We have a mini fridge and a microwave,  and sufficient space for our stuff. We have a bathroom that is clean and fit for its purpose. We have a TV and wi-fi.

What more could one ask for?

We have gathered assorted victuals that don’t need much in the way of preparation. We have our coffee pot. We can get ice. Hurrah. Life is simple.

It’s also fairly boring.

And we are now in the stretch where the major items we needed to do have been done, and we just have to wait. Sit/lay in a room, watch TV, read, Internet around, and that’s about it.

Yesterday we went to a matinée of Dark Shadows with my Johnny Depp. Enjoyed that thoroughly.

Eating in restaurants has become boring already although we are enjoying the New Mexican cuisine. Our new state seems enamoured of burgers. Lotsaburger and Whataburger predominate, though Sonic seems everywhere. Who needs McDonald’s and Burger King?

We have a Tom Tom which works exquisitely well and we are zipping from place to place with ease, and now can go a number of places without asking for directions. We’re busy noting down where a butcher shop is located, a barbershop. I’ve been to both of the major supermarkets and like them both.

We’re heading to our “new home” (prayers welcome here), and get a better feel for its location as we drive and also the neighborhood.

We’ve also decided that this would be a great time to furniture “shop” keeping note when we find the right bed, the right couch, and so forth, so that if the sale goes through, we can run out quickly and get those bought and scheduled for delivery.

I have a smart phone, a Droid Bionic and I am slowly getting around to figuring it out. I feel rather stupid these days given the technology explosion we are engaged it. GPS device and smart phone at once. I’m dizzy trying to remember everything.

Part of the crap of buying is that this house is in foreclosure, and part of the wackiness of it, is that instead of being simpler, it’s harder. For some reason banks take a long time to decide to unload houses that they are stuck with. Makes no sense. It would seem easier. But at least we seem to have a pre-okay to our offered price so we are not really expecting any glitches.

But then I would not have expected glitches with many of the things I so meticulously arranged ahead of time only to find that those who must fulfill their side of things almost universally didn’t. So who knows. We are hopeful, prayerful, and I am about to start engaging in a bunch of ritualistic, magic tricks to ensure that things go well.

When I look back to the beginning of this long journey, which is more than a year old now, I realize that we’re in the final stretch. We have crested and the bottom seems in sight. I shall be so glad to be settled once again, cooking a meal, relaxing in a chair with the sun on my face in my own backyard, listening to the sizzle of a steak on the grill.

It is coming. Meanwhile, we endure the life of gypsies.