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On the one hand, we can breathe a sigh of relief that the North Koreans remind us more of a group of Keystone Kops than they do a serious nuclear threat.

Li’l Kim Jr. seems about as silly as Li’l Kim Sr.

Both employ the world’s most awful barber, and both look like munchkins from the Wizard of Oz.

But there is a human side to all this too.

How would you like to be the group of “scientists” who Li’l Kim will call to his throne to ” ‘splain exactly how it was you made me look like a fool in front of the rest of the world?”

I mean, Gulag time in North Korea must be rather unpleasant given that most North Koreans would welcome transfer to the old Russian Gulag as a step up in living standards.

The GOP acted like a dog with a new bone, and since it’s been so long since they had a bone of any kind, they gnawed the hell out of it.

First of all, Ms. Rosen has zero connection to the Obama re-election campaign. She is a paid pundit for CNN and lobbyist for a whole array of companies.

Second, what we said here yesterday.

But the GOP will beat the heck out of this until it no longer resembles anything that anyone can even remember any more. When you are that short on actual policy, well, that’s what ya gotta do.

Back in Wisconsin, the GOP is busy making mischief in the upcoming primary for a Democratic candidate to replace the Koch-backed Scott Walker.

It seems to them a good idea to create “temporary Democrats” from their own ranks to “enter” the Democratic primary and run against real Democrats.

Why they think that is smart, moral, logical, or American I do not know.

But then I never claimed to understand the mush that passes for Republican brains these days. And given the scary stuff we see from them, I don’t think I’m going to start any time soon.

Is this what they assume is a wise use of tax dollars? Running faux candidates? Do they actually have any real policies that help people? I mean people in the sense of real working folks instead of the people in the sense that Willard means when he says, “corporations are people too my friend!” ?

Well, never let it be said in AmeriKA that elections can be bought! No sirreee!

Remember in AmeriKA we say, “any boy, err (politically correct correction) child, can grow up to be president.”

Yes they can.

As long as daddy was the president of a car company, and you made millions as a venture capitalist and you married a rich girl.  Not much more than your average kid has growing up.

Nope, not much more.


Yesterday we learned that Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, saved a woman in a burning building. All manner of humor on Twitter then ensued. My favorite?

Chris Christie raced into a burning bakery and saved a pan of cinnamon buns.

I am mean aren’t I?


Speaking of corporations.

Yes, I think this says it.

Which reminds me that Connecticut is gonna end the death penalty in that state.

For people who place such an emphasis on protecting life, I expect the TeaNutz are ecstatic.

Ya think?

Oh yeah, logic, logic, logic. They missed it at the brain deli. Should have labeled it pink slime. Then they might have dug in.


It’s good to know that high-powered business men no longer are sexists. I know that’s the case when I read about Roger Ailes remarks at a talk he was giving to journalist students the other day. He was referring to Soledad O’Brien, journalist for CNN. (my paraphrase)

She’s that girl that’s named after a prison.

Yeah, I guess that was really funny Roger, and so appropriate for JOURNALISM students, you freakin’ idiot.

 I know little guy. I feel the same way.

I’m praying that old Newtie sticks around a while longer.

What with bouncing a $500 check, and selling his donor list to raise some cash, the poor guy must be staying at Best Westerns now.


Oh, he and Callista are still using the private jet? And still demanding security? And she requires two assistants still? And one dresses in a rabbit suit to promote her book at all times? Wow.

Are we really sure that they are NOT on a book tour instead of running for office?

And we hear Newt said that he wants a UN resolution that every person on the planet should have a gun. For protection ya know.

He said that at the NRA, “love your gun, and hate that Kenyan President” fest just yesterday.

Newtster just wants a bit of extra cash to flow his way, even if it is stuck on the end of a bayonet–the latest in home security. Damn that Russian caviar is sooo expensive.

You do not want me to get started on the NRA and that LaPierre poop jackass, idiot, hate-mongering, death applauding, single good reason to maintain a death penalty, miserable grifter, president of the Guns R Us fanatic brigade. No you do not.