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We enjoy both Jon Stewart’s Daily Show and Stephen Colbert’s, the Colbert Report. But I’m thinking that I may have to call a halt to further watching.

The Contrarian, who is the elder of our home (his birthday is tomorrow and he turns OLD), delights in Mr. Colbert’s various fun-isms on a regular basis, but of course, as only he can do, takes them too far.

Recently my other half, not better mind you, just other, (WAY Other if you ask me), has suggested a family motto, taken directly from the pages of said Colbert Report.

It is:

“Why don’t we just agree that I’m right, because we’re going to get there in the end anyway.”


You heard that right. Can I get a few more points toward my halo now?

In Michigan there is a constitution. Fancy that. In one part, it says that a duly passed bill signed into law does not take effect until the end of the calendar year plus 90 days.  You can only get around that if there is a super majority (2/3) in both Houses.

The GOP has found that inconvenient. They have a super majority in the Senate, but not the House. So they just “declare” that the measure passes by a super majority, and refuse the Democrats demand for a roll count.

They have done this to cut same-sex couples benefits, curtail union rights, and other such things. But what they really want to use it for is for a voter suppression law. Guess why. Dare ya to guess.

The Democrats had to sue to get an injunction to get them to stop violating the constitution. I guess being a “strict constructionist” has a new meaning to the GOP. And they are not telling us what that is.

Have you heard a word from:

The Wall Street Journal, the Weekly Standard, National Review, any of the putrid pundits on Fox?

Have you heard a word from the TEAPEOPLE®?

Have you heard a word from the right-wing extremist, boogeyman around every Obama corner people?

What about our “freedoms being eroded”? What about it?


(And just so we’re clear, everybody knows that Justice Thomas would be front and center with the flashlight cuz he’s the super pervert of that group.)

Unless of course, you’re interested in the freedom to kill fellow citizens for little or in some cases NO reason.

Just cuz.

Just cuz, I got this new gun and it’s a long trip to the firing range, and I really like to shoot it, and you’re here, and you might be a terrorist, or pallin’ around with one, and I like to think I’m a Texas Ranger, and gosh I wish I had a horse too, but this is the best I can do, so look menacing so I can fill ya full of holes, will ya?

And thank you NRA and your insane shrieking that we are all gonna be killed by criminals if we don’t have high-powered rifles with silencers (don’t wake the baby) to protect ourselves, even in church. You sick bastards. (that was just a tiny bit of editorializing, sorry ’bout that)

And don’t get me started on the fact that I am paying some yahoo Justice to sit on the highest court of the land and simple regurgitate the simplistic talking points of Fox Noise.

Justice Sure Missed You Scalia was reduced to claiming that the mandate was akin to forcing people to eat broccoli and arguing that other crap about a Cornhusker’s amendment (WHICH IS NOT IN THE LAW YOU MORON).

Since I pay your salary, doncha damn well think you could bother to read the briefs?

I’m surprised the fool didn’t remark about the unconstitutionality of the death panels while he was at it.

 And Thomas has the unmitigated gall to suggest that judges ask “too many questions.” It’s easy not to ask questions when you have prejudged every damn case before it arrives based on what you wife discovered using the Ouija board, you useless piece of Right-wing flotsam.  (Just a tiny editorializing on this one)

Which means we have circled the wagons folks and we have arrived inexorably, sadly, and boringly back at where we began with the Willard the Wonder Wonk.

Willard who is not stiff by any means.

Willard who never met a sentence he could not twist into its antithesis and spew forth as “fact.”

Willard for whom the word truth has met its match.

Willard who doesn’t really care that you don’t like him, as long as you vote for him.