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I learned that the “new atheists” are largely just religious fundamentalists with a different “religion”–the idolatry of mankind.

I learned that they have no interest in joining forces with believers for the purpose of ensuring that our schools teach science in science and not religious doctrines of creationism and intelligent design.

For they have a second goal–eradicating ALL religion. And so any believer is condemned at the start as an idiot. People like Robert Wright who advocate a more nuanced argument, are deemed dishonest.

I learned that it is as worthless to try to have a rational discussion with them as it is with a fundamentalist in religion.

I think I learned this once before, but hope springs eternal that the blind will see as it were.

I learned from Ellen DeGeneres that there is a new reality show that I’ve been missing–a family of shall we say, rather “countrified” who happened to be sitting over a natural gas pocket or something. Anyway, they are now billionaires and have a reality show. Ellen was showing a clip from when the daughter and dad got “teeth”. Anybody have the name? Doomsday preppers are beginning my attention as it’s the same old same old every week mostly.

I learned that Republican men continue to “not get” women. Willard refers all “lady issues” to the Missus, who promises to show us his junk to prove he’s not stiff–is that a Mormon thing?, while Rinsed Penis (Rience Priebus) says we are like caterpillars.

I learned that golf men in Georgia like their women to serve drinks in the bar, and don’t think they look particularly good in green–jackets that is. It’s understandable of course when you think about it. How else to pee off to the side in the middle of the course when there might be a woman about.

I learned that sexual orientation is a lot more complicated than I thought.

I wonder what “other” would be?

Let me see.

“Straight woman, but married, and old enough to be less interested in sex than I used to be, but not a dried up prune quite yet, except when I’ve seen a Johnny Depp movie and feel a bit more randy than usual”, but almost never aroused by Victoria Secrets ads, unless you can jealousy arousal.”

And that is not a representation of me, just so you know. The reference to Mr. Depp is purely so that I get more hits on this post.

(h/t to Joe.My.God)

I learned that Willard is a bold liar. He now accuses the President of “having spent too much time at Harvard” and thus being out of touch with America. Except that Willard spent one more year there than did the President, and they’ve given him something like $32,000 in campaign donations so far.

Yesterday Willard told some potential voters in PA that “Obama said that we live in an unlimited land of plenty and we can spend whatever we want.” What the President actually said is “IF we lived in an unlimited land of plenty we could spend whatever we want. But that is not the reality. We don’t and therefore. . . .” 

For a man who is by all claims a very religious one, who supports his church with large amounts of cash, and who have served for OVER A DECADE as a pastor, the lack of morality this man expresses is breathtaking.

I learned that a journey of a thousand miles does indeed begin with a single step. When we first determined to move to New Mexico, the task ahead seemed almost too huge to accomplish. For months I felt stuck between home plate and first. But bit by bit, and step by step, I’m nearly third and can see home plate at last.

I learned that some of my blogging friends are standards by which I can judge my own sanity. Read that however you wish. Always running in that race are Jimmy from OKJimm’s Eggroll Emporium and Hansi’s Hallucinations. Hey Hansi, I liked the tumor one today!

I learned that while Republican led legislatures throughout the country are assaulting women in various ways as part of “getting our freedoms” back, Connecticut is poised to abolish the death penalty. Some of our legislators appear to have brains inside those big things on their shoulders.

Just in case you were at all confused: