Stop laughing!

That’s somebody’s child.

Packing is nearing a tipping point. I’ve certainly got lots of stuff still lying around, but I still have to cook, and I still need things like flour and mustard.

But I’m not sitting with boxes and filling them in five minutes any more. I’m having to look around and “find” items that will fit in that little spot left.

We are going to order our Pod next week. They said about 5 days at the outside for delivery.

The price to move, is akin to having a moving company move you door to door across country, so it ain’t cheap. I guess about what we had figured, but then we added in the cost of renting an RV for months, and fees at a campsite, and well, it got very expensive very fast. More than we wish to throw down the hole at least.

So it’s more like driving in a car and staying at motels. Far cheaper in the long run. And that changes the packing, since I won’t need kitchen stuff and so forth. But it’s coming together fast now.

We got a few groceries yesterday and I got my hair cut. Aren’t you just thrilled? I mean could this post be any more exciting?

I didn’t think so.

Frankly I’m just bored today, and nothing much seems interesting or provocative to talk about. I’ve tried three times to discuss a conversation of sorts that I had with some “new atheists” the other day, which ended up the usual way. At least they are quite honest: one of their stated goals is the eradication of religion. Which is funny in a way, since they have the same sort of fanaticism that exists among fundamentalists. Two opposing forces, both seeing the world in black and white.

I’d give you the links but goodness, laziness prevents it. But the blog is entitled “Why Evolution is True” which is of course not exactly a snappy title, and is silly, since frankly people who don’t believe in evolution aren’t reading it, so it ends up being a gathering of like-minded individuals who pat each other on the back, assure each other that they are the most intelligent, most courageous, most honest people in the world, and believers are stupid, illogical and dependent on some preacher to tell them what to think.

It all gives me a headache.

All the Republicans are boring the crap out of me. Does Willard ever stop making it up as he goes along? Are there any other candidates now? Newt sleeps until noon and Ragin’ Rick seems off to spend the rest of the week in Church, beggin’ no doubt.

I’m not depressed, such bored. I am seldom bored. But when I am, it feels like depression, but it’s not. There is a fine line of demarcation that separates the two, and I know the difference, even when I’m not so good at explaining it. Bored is to be uninterested in much, but okay to just sit and stare into space and feel relaxed. Depression is being uninterested in much but unable to stare into space without feeling worse. Depression begs you to do something, boredom is almost comfortable at a certain point.

I’m seldom bored.

The Contrarian went through his clothes, making sure that my culling was okay. He moaned and cried. “Why, look, I haven’t seen this leather vest in years,” he erupts. “It’s dried up and worthless!” I say in  measured tone. He moans. We gotter done though. We have to get some suitcases. Does that tell you anything?

¶I do

I have no clue if or when I’ll be able to hook into a WiFi system. I guess we should be cancelling our dial-up account when we leave. Does that allow me to get my e-mail at all? I am so lost with this Intertubey stuff. We’re gonna hire a tech kid from the University when we get settled, and tell him what we want to do, and then let him tell us what we need to accomplish that. I’m getting a Kindle and an MP3 player I think. I have the laptop. The Contrarian wants a desk top. Beyond that, I have no clue. I like the Cloud thingie with MAC but that would mean something to do with my laptop. And all my stuff in Word.


I’m dumbo. This kid is gonna have a ball ‘splainin’ the technology to me.

I do apologize for this boring post. Since I got no “what I learned” this week, I guess that little segment will be dismissed as an utter failure. So hopefully, I’ll get unbored and find something interesting to say, or at least be interested in saying something.

Have fun.

I guess I should make sure I get another trip to the bookstore before we leave and pick up a couple of books to read.


Mind is a terrible thing to age.