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What we have here is a failure to communicate.

Now I bet you thought, “wow, she’s gettin’ senile. She just said that a couple of days ago.”

But I’m not, even though I did.

This is but an example of looping Time Warping. It is how the old Star Trek crew got to go back and save the universe way before it knew it needed any saving.

And we have had another example of this phenomenon recently if you are reading the comments faithfully like I am very sure you are.

Now, just tell me how I can tell you now what I learned NEXT WEEK when it is still only THIS WEEK. Aw, gees, shit&biscuits…. I mean… if I learned ANTYTING this week is that I really don’t know what I’m gonna learn next week cause last week I had no idea what I was gonna learn this week, see, and if you had only asked a civil and intelligent question, say, like, “Hey, Jimm…. what did you learn LAST MONTH” , why gosh, then I could have given you a really really rational response,,, say, maybe, like…”Not much”.

Now this is Time Warping. Our little Jimmy has gone and misplaced his noggin’ and we are gonna have to rush through the Warping Elemental SugarShack and retrieve it, replant it, rewire it, and turn it on, afore he wakes up and discovers his brainless  predicament.

Which is all not to be confused in any way, shape or form (we are addicted to threes, you ever wonder about that, since we only have two sexes and all), with  the Time Warp dance, which we all remember so fondly, and watch cultishly every year, in the same way that we yearly have to find a copy of Alice’s Restaurant to listen to from front to back, which is not a triple thing, but a duo, which brings me back to DOE, a deer. (How’d ya like my Faulkneresque stream?)

Which brings to mind another question, now that I’ve got the right wingers all in a tither with a cutsie pic of some really adorable cross-dressing dudes.

The question. Oh yes. The question.

Now that I have divulged (don’t you think that’s a slightly vulgar word?) my own personal quirks of Alice’s Restaurant and Rocky Horror Picture Show, care to share?

I mean what yearly return to wonderland things do you go do, see, listen to as a tribute to the fact that they remind you of bygone eras and lives lived last?

And don’t bore me with Aunt Lucille’s bread dressing at Thanksgiving either.

All this has led me to, and it was meant to lead you to, the fact that 4 out of 10 freakin’ stupidos in the US of AMerryCa believed that the AHCA was already declared unconstitutional before the oral arguments had even happened. But then you knew that was where this was all leading. Talk about your time warp.

By the way, are other languages full of stupid words that sound alike but are spelled differently? Deer and dear being fine examples. And whether the answer is yes or know no (another one), how stupid was THAT? I mean isn’t it hard enough to master the language without putting up stupid roadblocks like that in the way? Can we get a committee on that? Let’s fix up English, shall we.

Which brings to mind why the English (as in ENGLAND) have dumb words like gaol which is (I know this will shock your shorts off) jail. We spelt it right, as you can see. But a Boot is not a trunk, because a trunk is a trunk, and a boot is what you wear on your footsie.  And while they are at it, stop mispronouncing things. It’s LAB RA TORY, not LA BOOR A TORY. Is that so hard to get?

Snooty English. Not as snooty as the French, with all their french words. I bet they didn’t invent the fry. I bet they didn’t. And don’t get me started on the Germans. That language is more akin to spittin’ nails out. Ach-tOO! –to you too.

I don’t give a creepin’ ivy which of the final four wins the basketball tournament. I had six teams I would be happy to call mine. Not a one of them made it. I’m 0 for 6. I’m 0 for 7 if you figure in the likely mess the AHCA is in. That’s not very good for a week.

 You want stupid? I’ll give you stupid.

You recognize this monstrosity? It’s an Ark. It’s part of a theme park in Kentucky run by some Christianist outfit that for a pretty hefty chunk of change (ticket) will show you how all of science is crap and the Bible properly explains the beginnings of earth.

This crock of crap is being subsidized by the taxpayers of KY, so far in $40M in tax rebates, a 75% reduction in property taxes for 30 years, and now $11M more in road improvements around the eye sore.

Where are the teapeople®? Why are not they decrying this usurping of their freedoms and the spending of their tax money on grifter scams?

Yes, I can understand.  With a median IQ of 78 and a median education level of 5th grade, I suppose they haven’t figured out yet that they are being RAPED, financially speaking. Tens of thousands of kids in Kentucky have teeth rotting out of their mouths from lack of dental care, and these jackasses are spending money to perpetrate fairy tails tales. (‘nother one!)

I have come to the end of the page, so ta ta.