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Aw, heck, the Newster is about to depart the stage, and to us who love the insane dough-boy and his merry anger, it’s been a fun ride.

If you hadn’t heard, the last of his embedded reporters departed the sinking tanker Callista, and now dah man has been reduced to asking for a $50 to get your pitcher taken with his irrelevance.

Gone are the dreams of missions to Mars and settlements on the Moon where Chewbaccha and Mr. Spock trade war stories over Solanian green wine. Gone are the dreams of debate against the Obama, wherein the man-wonder  would bedazzle millions with his oratorical sword play.

Gone, gone, gone.

Back to shillin’ for whoever will pay. It’s a tough life.

I found it amusing to say the least that the TeaParty was out in front of the Supreme Court chanting their blessed little hearts out about how evil Obamacare is. While there were those who marched in support, the TeaPeople® were the only ones that said dumb enough things to be funny. I didn’t save the post, it was from The Rundown News which I think is PBS, but I did save a quote or two that I found so telling about the intelligence level of these goofs. This was from a mother and her six-year-old daughter, named Murray and Ariana respectively:

Murray: “If we don’t manage to stop the takeover of our health care system, then the Republic will be dead, we will be more socialized than Germany and France, and it will be the nail in the coffin to our freedoms. The government does nothing well, the estimates are already twice what they said it would be — the CBO says it’s going to be over $1.7 trillion. The only way is to ration health care and the seniors will be the ones that suffer the most and the children. Tell your mother to get her knee replaced or any valve replacements she might need. Anybody over 73 will soon be denied. A lot of things will have to be rationed in order to do what they want to accomplish. My daughter is only six and she understands freedom. She knows that liberals are bad people. She understands Obama’s bad.” 

Ariana: We want to take over Barack Obama. 

Murray: That’s right. And we believe in what document? 

Ariana: Glenn Beck? 

Murray: (laughing) No, the Constitution.

Yeah, good parenting huh? And duh, isn’t one of those freedoms the freedom of the judiciary to make decisions devoid of political considerations and not subject to the whims of public sentiment?

Did you know that the “individual mandate” which is at the core of insane Right-wing objection to the Affordable Health Care Act, would apply to at best 2% of the population? The rest are covered by employers, public health care, are too low-income or will receive subsidies.

NOM is a naughty bunch of folks. They are so-called Christians, but more properly called Christianists. They believe that normal admonitions in the bible such as carrying for one’s “brother” and loving one’s enemies are suspendable options, only to be put into play when the “right” people are left. After they have gotten rid of all the “wrong” people you know.

NOM (National Organization for Marriage) has come upon the perfect strategy to end this awful blight upon AmeriKa. And that is to pit African-Americans and Latinos against gays, but pushing the agenda that gay rights have nothing to do with the traditional fight for equality of other minorities.

In other words, help the blacks and browns to understand that gay rights is not a civil right. In their minds, this will provoke gays into calling blacks and Latinos bigots. Divide and conquer.

Of course, in the deep recesses of the NOM dungeon, once that were to be accomplished they could get down to the next level, which is deprive those “aliens” and those “race-card playing blacks” of laws that protect them. Cuz we don’t need ’em any more. Right?

See, we can’t even begin to relate. We  would never even think of such things, being normal. Normal, as in actually paying attention to how much things cost, and do we have enough in the budget this month for that extra item. You know, normal.

Willard is not normal. Willard lives in another world. It’s a world where somebody places a chair on the tarmac and a dude rushes out to shine your shoes right there as you step off your private jet. It’s a world your basement is about three times larger than most people’s main floor. It’s a place where there is a car elevator installed to bring any of your cars to the proper floor, cuz everyone knows cars can’t climb stairs.

This is Willard’s world. And so it stands to reason that as Willard’s “vacation” mansion in California is being renovated,  gigantisized, and otherwise tooled to support the whims of the mega rich, Willard saw fit to hire a lobbyist just to maneuver his building project (weekend hobby) through the maze of codes and permits required to build his “we have to use GPS to locate the grandkids” behemoth.

Yes, a lobbyist. An honest to good lobbyist. Yes. The lobbyist is responsible for gettin’ ‘er done against 4 San Diego city officials whose job it is to, well regulate building in the normal course of their duties. Except, I guess the lobbyist will urge them to speed it up!

I mean. I wonder if Ann is packing? I could offer her a tip or two about using garbage bags for clothing. Easier to carry than bulky boxes. Does anyone have her number?