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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to the slammer we go.

Blago blah blahed about how he wasn’t guilty/would be back/thanked all the little people/was facing a challenge/none of the above, or something else entirely. Nobody cared.

It’s just nice noting the turning of a page of crap.

I have a reader stuffed with blogs and other newsworthy picks. I can’t begin to read them all every day. I do the best I can, and from time to time, I purge the list of those places that I don’t find I’m using much.

And, as you can expect, I am constantly finding new places that are providing much food for thought. So I thought I’d at least mention some of them, so you can decide whether you might add them to your list of “must reads.”

I do my best to include lots of voices, especially voices I respect, but some I don’t. I have stricken The Blaze, finding the reporting the near non-existent scribblings of high school students at best. Frankly the only thing interesting were the comments and when you understand that these lost souls are unredeemable from a psychological point of view, there seems little point in reading their sad recitation of wacko talking points.

That said, I have added The American Spectator which is deeply conservative. I suspect they are not true believers so much as they are manipulators. I’ve come to realize you don’t read the kool-aid drinkers but the mixers. Along with the National Review, is about all I can stomach of the “intellectual right.”

On a much brighter note, I’ve added the following:  Feministing which lends a more snarky women’s point of view to things. Field Negro, adds another African-American voice, as does SkepticalBrotha and Uppity Negro Network.  Lesbians speak up in Tenured Radical and Social (In)Queery. We try to better understand our Latino citizens with The Wise Latina Club.

If any of you have blogs that you think I should follow please do advise. The broader the network of voices, the more informed we all are. At least so I believe.

As most of you are aware, we are embroiled in this country with a number of GOP faux issues: women’s right to contraceptive care, among them. Juanita Jean directs us to this great site for some good old fun with the perpetrators of Texas’ sonogram law. Women there, are, how shall we put it, not so pleased with their men.  God bless Facebook for providing the space to gather.

We have an appointment at 3:00 p.m at our local market to pick up their daily supply of boxes for my packing adventures. The Contrarian invited me to sup before hand. He recommends “La Mick-Don-aulds” for an offering of surf and turf, otherwise known as a Big Mac and Fish sandwich. I’m so excited, I’m wearing my best hoodie.

The GOP claims that the stimulus has been an unmitigated disaster. Now, I’d be the first to admit that one thing doesn’t necessarily correlate with another, just cause they happen at near the same time. But just sayin’ I think that the GOP doesn’t much like this graph.

But then they probably explain it some other way. Like Alan West, who says that the rise of the stock market over 13,000 is in “anticipation of the GOP victory in November.” (the vertical is the # of job-less unemployment claims)

This is one of the reasons I so dislike flag-waving right wingers who constantly tout the US as some special mecca of perfection unknown throughout the rest of the civilized or not world. These are some damning and sobering numbers. It gives new meaning to the term: “We’re #1”. Please read America the Possible: A Manifesto Pt 1. It’s long, but it’s today’s must read.

The dangers of carbon dioxide. Tell that to a plant, how dangerous carbon dioxide is. — Rick Santorum, accepting the Michele Bachmann chair in biochemistry … (This from the Constant Weader) *Chuckle*

Christopher Orlet over at American Spectator has some interesting things to say about the idea that what might help America is if we weren’t so segregated in housing between the rich, middle class and poor. Let’s just say he’s not likin’ the idea much as you can see from the following:

 In general the middle class craves order, stability, security and tranquility. The poor, meanwhile, lead lives that are slovenly chaotic. (this of the “poor” in his own neighborhood and why his middle class neighbors want to escape)

You quickly grow weary of cleaning up your neighbors’ mounds of discarded beer cans, fast food bags, and wrappers. Marijuana is smoked openly on the sidewalks and stoops.

the few responsible middle class parents on our street do not allow their children to associate with their poorer neighbors. I can’t say I blame them. The foul language, the filth, the drug use, the frequent spousal and child abuse, and the unsecured firearms are all excellent reasons why, even on our block, the children are segregated into classes.

Gosh, I don’t know this Orlet dude, but I sure feel sorry for him. Don’t you?

And just cuz you guys are super great!

Whoooooo Are You?