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They insist they want to protect our freedoms from being eroded.

They insist they are for small government.

The freedom they talk about seems to be the freedom to make me live as they wish.

The small government seems to be small enough to sneak up my girl parts and see what’s going on there.

I’m not likin’ their concepts of freedom or small government much.

Rush seems to think that birth control pills are taken before each and every sexual encounter.

Viagra is taken before each and every sexual encounter.

I think I understand how he got confused.

But I’m still confused why he thinks I should pay for his, but he not for mine.

That must be a 1% rule.

I know it’s not a 99% rule.

Rush also said that women are “overeducated”.

I must be one of those. So overeducated that I can’t understand why he is such a woman-hater.

He’s been married 4 times.He must want them for something.

He’s a Kenyan.

He’s a Marxist.

He didn’t really go to Harvard.

He did but he palled around with radicals.

He hates white people.

He is stupid/silver-tongued devil/creator-of-one-world-govt/in-over-his-head none of the above, all of the above, and possibly a Commie gay vegetarian with an alien entity living in his brain.

Or he’s a NEGRO and I can’t stand THAT.

One of the above.

PS: racism is over and done with. Can’t we all just get along? (as long as YOU stay over there).

In Michigan, the trees are “just right” and so are the roads.

In New Hampshire, why we are just neighbors, I practically live here.

In Florida, I have friends who are NASCAR team owners.

In Mississippi, I say y’all and like grits.

In California, its sushi.

In Idaho, it’s potatoes.

In New York, money! I love money, made a lot, spend a lot, buy cars, buy companies. . . error, error, can not compute, error, error, must destroy, must destroy. *POOF* (we can hope can’t we?)

He nearly threw up when he read President Kennedy’s speech about separation of church and state.

It was not at all what the boys from Focus on the Family had been telling him was right and good.

Nothing snobbish about wanting everyone to adhere to “Judeo-Christian” principles. If they were good enough for Jesus, they are good enough for you.

Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, etc., get over it.

A condom only encourages people to do that “stuff” you shouldn’t be doing, only thinkin’ about to get hot with the wife.

Newt is sure that if you will just be patient, just wait, just wait. . .

He knows you still love him.

I mean he stands in front of the mirror each morning, and he believes him.

He has all the answers.

Who doesn’t want $2.50/gallon gas?

He lives in a Twinkie dusted world where he balances budgets, and reforms welfare, and beats back health care.

And now he’s got his new stuff–all that new Catholicky stuff about NO ABORTION, NO CONTRACEPTIONS, NO GAYS, NO DIVORCE (hopefully, but there is still Methodism, the Presbyterians, the Episcopalians, and all those religions, which I can lean on if Callista turns out to be a dud like the other two)

Are you guys having a good time?

Have I made ya laugh?

Well shucks. I didn’t mean to make you sad.


We can get along.

We all share the same planet.

We are all Homo sapiens.

We are all cut from the same DNA pattern.

If we try, we can.

Have a super weekend friends.