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Imagine this as an elephant, and I think you get the point. The GOP is being led around by the nose by essentially a group of unelected nut cases: Grover Norquist who can apparently dictate tax policy to the entire Republican legislature, state or nation, Rush Limbaugh, bombastic, misogynist right-wing dingbat, and the Koch brothers who create “grassroots” movements to ensure that their business interests are left unfettered by taxation so they can continue to rape the very people who comprise the grass-roots. Pretty nifty huh?

People like Boehner, who is just a poor slob who wants to play golf and have a few drinks after a short day of sitting around and chattin’ up K-Street potential employers in the Rotunda, and Cantor, who is busy trying to figure out how he can get more “air time” away from Boehner, are just your basic, everyday, political wanks, sucking off the people’s tit after all. They have no philosophical opinion about anything beyond what is the best resort island in the Bahamas.

Perhaps it has always been so. Who knows. All we know is that everybody is terrified of pissin’ off Grove, who will send his legions into their home state and “primary” ’em should they stray. When it comes to Rush, heck, the best they can must is a “aww, he’s an entertainer gosh, just funnin’ but it was “over-the-top” kinda, ya know. Not that I’m criticizing the Rush, I mean, hey, let’s talk about how Obama is issuing apologies to them dang terrrr-ists and all.” And, “ya dang old disgusting lame-streamin’ medias and your stupid refusal to talk about gas prices!”

Yeah, so much for the weekend.

And Obama’s numbers keep climbing and the GOP brand keeps rusting, and Old Willard will win a ticket to the oblivion that is “who was that guy who ran against him in 12?” I say, play on stupids. What’s funnier and kinda heart-wrenching at the same time, is watching the moderates smile sadly, and wander off to write their memoirs of “the good old days”.

Boy the stuff you don’t know. I don’t know if you ever watch that show called “The Middle”. The star is one Patricia Heaton, who used to be on “Every Loves Raymond”. Well, anyway, she is one rabid right-wing nut case. Her twitter account has been suspended, after a series of really hateful tweets about the Georgetown woman who Rush called a slut. I mean it was awful. Denise over at Pass the Doucheys has captured the tweets, and apparently she, Heaton that is,  also posted tons of lavish praise on the Breitbart blog. We don’t watch the show, but if I did, I guess I’d stop. Yech.

We picked this up from Political Wire, who picked it up obviously from The New Yorker.

The GOP can claim all this crap is “strengthening” the eventual candidate, but polls suggest it is causing terrible losses and disgust even among Republican voters.

Party on GOP.

Speaking of which, The New Yorker has a good piece on how extremists took over the GOP. I suppose I harp on this, and frankly, scientific evidence doesn’t suggest that the Left is nearly as susceptible to this stuff as the right (as I’ve hammered again and again, this stuff is psychological in large part), still it good to understand how we got to this, and hopefully how to disentangle this mess, and head it off in the future.

Can somebody explain to me Willard and his penchant for reciting songs? Today I heard him reciting the ballad of Davy Crockett from the old TV show. There is something really really wrong with this man.

Squatlo Rant has a post of funny pic captures and such. Take a look. Smile. You need to you know you do.

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This is why Right-Wing ideologues drive me half insane. Mr. Ragin’ Rickster, was questioned Sunday by Fox Noise’s Chris Wallace why he gave such a paltry amount to charity of all the major candidates (the President gave the most percentage wise). Surprisingly, or not, Ricky admitted that he was unable to because of the excessive health costs of his daughter Bella, most of which his insurance company doesn’t cover. And this from a man making over a million a year.

Of course Wallace didn’t ask the obvious. The Affordable Health Care bill specifically denies insurance companies the right to deny coverage for “pre-existing conditions” AND disallows them placing limits on the amounts required for the care. Of course Ricky would be much better off with the so-called “Obamacare” which he demonizes.

Moreover the next question should have been: “you acknowledge of course that most people don’t make anywhere near your $1,000,000 per year. How are they supposed to pay from their own pockets the expenses you incur to the tune of $100,000 per year?” The Pro-lifer I guess shrugs at that and says, tough luck, I guess.