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It’s never too early to become paranoid.

Just a friendly warning.

For some unknown reason the phrase from Richard III keeps running through my head. No, not “a horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse!”

Rather, “now is the winter of our discontent.”

And that’s odd since this winter has been a wimp. Shhh, forget I said that, don’t want to jinx it now when it’s only a week until Spring, more or less. Paranoia you know.

And I’m not especially discontent either, in case you were wondering. Not particularly content but not discontent, or uncontent. Call me bi-content. No sexual in-u-end-o implied.

We’re going to mini-shop today. That’s not full shopping, no dis-shopping, or bi-shopping, but mini. Mini is a more than picking up a quart of milk and some eggs and less than stocking up for the apocalypse shopping. It’s shopping at the “bad store” which is more properly called a “market” because it certainly is not super. It could be a grocery store back in the 60’s when markets were “mom and pop” operations and grocery stores were things like the A&P. Then came really really large grocery stores, and we started calling them supermarkets. That was wrong, since they are in no way markets and are more properly called supergroceries. 

Got all that? I like things to be orderly and logical. Wal-Mart is not logical. Supermarkets are not logical, because they have a whole lot more in them than super groceries. As you no doubt know, you can bank, get your hair done, get glasses, drink Starbucks, eat a full freakin’ meal, visit the deli, buy clothes, electronics, hardware, books, music, jewelry, drugs, alcohol, toys, carpeting, and sign up for liposuction. Well maybe not the last. But heck, in LA? possibly.

Have I mentioned how much I dearly love hypocrisy?

Which is great, since the GOP delivers it up by the shovelful each and every day for my enjoyment.

Dear Willard has taken to attacking Ragin’ Rick on his voting to raise the debt-ceiling a bunch of times when Bushie was doin’ the asking. Remember Republicans didn’t get offended at this until 2008. Before that, they did it all quite routinely.

Anyways, Willard was on his usual rant, talking about how fiscally bad old Rick was, and don’t ya just know, while he was saying all those things, he is standing right smack next to, on the same podium, having been endorsed by, new BFF, Sen. Robert Portman (R-OH, who had (wait for it . . .) voted for an increase in the debt ceiling right along side Ricky all those Bushy years.

But no, it gets worse! Portman was Bush’s budget director, so he was part of the team ASKING FOR THE DEBT CEILING INCREASES!

Oh, Lord am I loving this campaign season. I feel like I either captured the goose that laid the golden egg or I have awakened in Midas’ treasure room. Oh my gosh, I may have a serious female moment.

Picked this up from the Fifth Column. A picture is, as we know, worth a thousand words.

Every day the GOP focuses on social issues, is another day Obama gains.

I guess ridicule works a bit. The Virgin-ya Governor is having a few second thoughts about the probe-your-girl-stuff-before-your-abortion bill.  It’s been delayed while he “looks for a compromise.”

Meanwhile somewhere in GA, a Democrat has introduced a ban on vasectomies, saying they “deprive millions of unborns their chance at life.” It’s a joke, but of course, that is lost on a segment of the duh Right.

I just can’t reconcile why it is bad for the government to set standards for school lunches but good that they poke around in my uterus. Where is the logic? But that would be asking a bit much from the average TeaNutz® wouldn’t it?

If only the poor Republicans could encase their “candidate” in a vacuum, keeping them pristine. Out in the real world, they begin to rust all too soon, and then crumble through their hands into dust. And then they go in search of another. I’d pick a new steel mill to buy from if I were them. Or is that a tin mill?

The logic of the absurd: Next to hypocrisy, I love circular logic best. Fact: since elected, President Obama has not pushed for one single bill that in any way limits gun ownership or acquiring guns in this country. This of course does not deter the flaming nuts. One such nut, IRA chief-sky-is-falling-buy-a-gun nut, Wayne LaPierre, insists that all this is just camouflage for what is to come.

“Lip service to gun owners is just part of a massive Obama conspiracy to deceive voters and hide his true intentions to destroy the Second Amendment during his second term.

We see the president’s strategy crystal clear: Get re-elected and, with no more elections to worry about, get busy dismantling and destroying our firearms’ freedom, erase the Second Amendment from the Bill of Rights and excise it from the U.S. Constitution. …

When the sun goes down on election day Barack Obama will have America’s gun owners to thank for his defeat.”

Now, those who sniff a bit too much gunpowder, see it this way: Vote for Obama, it’s good for gun and ammo sales!

Well, I’m soon off on the mini-trip to secure some victuals. Wish me luck and safe journey. I am going into the belly of the beast–aka bad store.