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At least some of the latest polling have Rick with a narrow lead. Even later polling suggests he’s pulling ahead in Michigan, long thought to be a Willard surety.

As you know, Newty is being bankrolled by one guy. And so is Rick. And Romney is beholden to a handful of very rich.

It looks for all the world as if a few oldish white dudes are having themselves a dog race. You can hear them at the fence, yelling for their dog to “get there”.

Grayhounds wear muzzles to keep them from biting. I’m sure the Sugar Pops have their dogs muzzled as well.

Which in some sense, makes it all the more a circus I guess. But this Citizens United has some really bad consequences. When it comes to local races, a single man can pretty much put into office, be it mayor, councilperson, state senator, or representative, anyone they choose, simply by pooring tens of thousands into campaigns that are usually waged for a few grand.

Over time, you build a majority. We saw the religious right do this on the issue of creationism by stacking school boards with hidden creationists. We have seen it in state legislatures who upturned states into Republican majorities and now are pushing anti-union, anti-voter, and more social legislation that could never been passed in statewide referendums.

Citizens United is a much more dangerous thing than most believe. We really must get behind a constitutional amendment to declare corporations “non-citizens” as it relates to campaign contributions. We must insist on full transparency of donors, and we must enforce strict limits on individual campaign contributions and eliminate “super pacs” and other such creative organizations whose sole purpose is to destroy fair elections.

*stepping off the soap box

I’m guessing that turtles don’t have the most passionate and exciting sex lives in the world. I’m guessin’ that they must be pretty lousy in fact. I know that because Mitch McConnell, has decided that it makes a lot of sense to back a bill in Congress that allow any employer the right to refuse to cover birth control in the health care packages they offer to employees.

And Mitch? Women don’t like you either.

And apparently Mitch, probably because of the shell and all, can’t see the end run going around behind his back. Hehe. Poor turtle.

You might have heard that Ricky is being largely held aloft by a dude by the name of Foster Friesse. You might want to take a look at who he is. (You can assume he’s nutty as a fruit cake, cuz he is.) Islamophobe, Liberals are satan, and a founding donor of Daily Caller.

Christine, *I am not a witch* O’Donnell has indicated that she might be willing to serve in a Romney administration, if she can find the time.

I’m wondering do they have an opening for chief caldron stirrer? Or would she just entertain at parties?

Whitney Houston was a singer that stood at the top of her profession. Her abilities cannot be overstated. She was also a deeply troubled woman who, like so many, found some solace in drugs. And in the end, it may turn out that the drugs took her life. I am sorry to learn of her death.

I have never pulled any punches here as to what I think about Fox News. They are a slick, wily organization who set out to capture an audience that they thought had no voice. While touting their “fair and balanced”, they have been anything but. They have used every code word, every nuance to suggest that the racists among their followers, were in some sense justified in their bigotry. They have sought to embrace, explain, excuse, and ignore the real demographic of hate that embraces their version of “journalism”.

Little Green Footballs reports that they were inundated with over 5000 comments on their report that Houston had died. They were among the most ugly I have ever read, and I read Blaze comments regularly.  Perhaps Fox has closed the thread, because I could not locate it on their report. Perhaps you need to register on their site in order to see them. But in any case, this is shameful. It is beyond shameful and yet, of course, you see nothing from Fox commenting on the hate that floods their site. It is instructive.

There is a new book out called The Obama Hate Machine. There is a review of it over at Politicususa. You might want to take a look. Never have a small group of men done so much to destroy one man. And they started from the moment he took office.

Was it just after his win in Carolina that Newtster told Santorum that he ought to withdraw from the race so that Newt could solidify his “inevitable” nomination? One wonders if Newt will now take his own advice and withdraw in favor of Santorum who is starting to pull out in front of Willard?

Some how, I’m thinkin’ he won’t.

Remember when Chris Christie made all that stupid talk about how if the LGBT crowd was so sure of itself, they should just put it up for a referendum in the state? Well, there was a reason. The marriage equality bill is about to pass in the New Jersey Legislature, and old Christie will be forced to veto it. He’d rather not, so he could stay out of the issue.

Now go try to have an hypocrisy-free day, if ya can. It’s always a struggle.

**excuse any typos, I’ve been having a war with the spellcheck on WordPress for a week. Mostly it won’t work.