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Yep, Mittens just can’t keep the old foot out of the mouth. When unscripted, the dude just falls to pieces. You can almost hear the wheels turning–focus on the middle class Mitt, focus on the middle class.

And he did.

And he said he wasn’t worried about the poor or the rich.


It’s not just the Left that is up in arms and shaking their heads. It’s the WSJ and Limbaugh, and his Right Wingin’ supports who are holding their heads and sobbing, “why can’t this man stop screwing up?”

Much is being made of Romney’s inability to “relate to the people”, and most put it down to his riches. But as many point out, riches do not a foot-in-mouth artist make. The Kennedy’s always related to folks just fine, as did FDR. Bloomberg seems to be “in touch”.

So it’s more than that, or other than that. It ain’t the money.

Dylan Ratigan suggested on Morning Joe today that it had a bit more to do with Romney’s living in Boston.

While Joe lamented that Romney was just “weird”, Ratigan noted that Romney has never been “accepted” by the insiders from the monied elite. Now, if you know anything about the elite in this country, you know there are two types of wealth–old family wealth and nouveau riche, those who have come by their money recently.

The two don’t mix. The nouveau rich must spend sometimes years, bowing and scraping to be admitted to the “best” homes. Romney was, so Ratigan offers, also not part of the inner “Wall Street” investment capitalists.

Couple this with his apparent personality of being ill-at-ease among people in general, and you have the Romney of today. Ratigan argues that Romney would be as “removed” if he were poor. This is man who was shocked and disgusted by the anti-war movement in the 60’s, he was out of touch with his peers.

So, look for more gaffes from Mittens. As much as they try to script him, (and that is painfully obvious too), he will slip the leash from time to time and venture out into the world “as he believes it is.” He will say things that sound “right” to him, but are simply awful to the rest of us. He can’t relate. He belongs in an office at the top of a building, working alone, and making people stop at the taped spot on the floor, so that he can maintain his distance.

To figure out why this guy wants to be President, requires a much deeper look-see, and I’m sure we will be getting to that as the months come.

They say it takes one to know one.  Pick you “one”. In this case it seems to support the rule. Rich guy endorses rich guy. The Donald is going to anoint the Mittens man. How nice. Who the hell cares?

This is Black History month. Do yourself a favor and pick a African-American historical figure, and make a point of learning more about them. You will be better for doing so, and so will we all. History is what helps us to understand who we were, and who we are, and who we can be.

I’ve chosen to read some things about Sojourner Truth, an amazing abolitionist in her time, and the first woman honored with a bust in the Capital.

I remember seeing this show several years ago about dogs. It seems that left to their own devices (stray dogs), they pretty much all end up very much the same. Medium in size, fairly short-haired, with longish tails. It also turns out that genetically there is very little difference between a Great Dane and a chihuahua. Just a few genes control all this “stuff”. So most of the cosmetic differences are due to human tinkering. Geneticists had figured to find something quite different, since humans are apparently quite a bit more complicated with it comes to differences.

We survived the shopping expedition. Barely. We had gotten half way there, when the Contrarian discovered he had forgotten his license and cash. So I’m being driven by an “illegal”, and a poor one at that. The folks at the Chinese restaurant that we frequent most trips, like us and all, but I’m not sure they would give us our food for free.

So we had to backtrack. Which is okay, except the trip down the lane is one exciting and hair-raising experience. Actually, we don’t ride the lane, but traverse the fields, which are kinda washboardy with cut-off stalks of corn studding it all over.

Today is not my favorite day, because I have to haul half that crap back out of the fridge, and “prepare” it for the long haul. That means cleaning and packaging celery, green peppers, well all the fresh junk so it will last a week longer than otherwise. I got some beets, which by the way, are great roasted in the oven. Well, contrary to usual, the beet greens were fresh and succulent.  (I love the word succulent. It sounds well, succulent) So I determined to save them. Washed and chopped and then steamed and packed in a freezer bag. I’ll have it with something or other, maybe some meatloaf or pork chops. Saute it in olive oil, salt and pepper, with a bit of balsamic vinegar perhaps?

I love to be efficient like that, using all the “stuff”. I even put the leaves from the celery in a bag in the freezer to chop up in some soup. Frugal. (I don’t like the word frugal by the way, it sounds, like a frog, and I don’t find frogs attractive usually, except the colored ones, and they say they are poisonous and shouldn’t be touched. If I’m ever in South America, where most of them are, I am determined to remember that. Which reminds me, that I haven’t written a crazy post in quite a while–what are you looking at?)

Until the mood strikes again. Au revoir. (Just to piss off the Right)