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I hate to tell you this, but I’m approaching 62.

Frightening, I know.

One wants, or at least I think one wants to leave some sort of legacy in the world. It may be as mothers, or wives, or corporate raiders, but we want something.

I came to the conclusion that for some people, the only avenue for that is eccentricity.

Not the type that comes from a Madonna or Lady GaGa. That is an eccentricity molded to build a career upon. Nothing wrong with it, but different.

There is the type that is simply inborn–the six-year-old who is determined to wear the most outlandish of wardrobes as a statement of independence from the herd. This is life-long and extends to an outlook that is askew in every respect upon the world at large.

No, I’m talking about the “I’m gettin’ old and I want to be noticed” kinda eccentricity. It is the eccentricity that results in a yard full of “lawn ornaments” of every size and shape. It causes one to paint one’s house with polkadots, or drive a scooter at age 80. It causes people to wonder, “has she tipped” or is she just being eccentric? And the trick is, you never let them get the answer. You smile, you wink, you whistle, and you move on.

Trouble is, I now live in a place where eccentricity is pretty much taken as the norm. There are plenty of examples around Troy. When too many are eccentric, well, they are NORMAL. And that defeats the entire purpose.

Problem too, is I don’t have any idea of what to do to be eccentric. I could collect salt and pepper shakers, but heck, nobody would know. I could engage in expert bird and animal mimicry, but who would hear? I could wear nothing but things I knit, but, whoa, I think that has already been done by Carla at the Dam Bar up town. I’m stymied, you see.

How to make my mark in New Mexico? How to stand out from the crowd and be recognized as a true “free spirit”. See, that is what I yearn for. To be the person everyone wishes they had the guts to be if they had the time.

If you have any suggestions, and you guys seldom do, I’d appreciate it. I’m collecting bird feathers. I have a lot of them. Well, not a lot, lot, but a lot if you don’t have ANY. I have a lot then. Can I do something with them that would be eccentric? Quick. Set me on my path before senility sets in and I’m eccentric without realizing it. That would be unfortunate, and defeat the purpose. Do you see? Or am I being eccentric?


I think the GOP race has now reached it nadir. It is a huge bore now.  They slog on, and the same rhetoric, the same crap will be resurrected in the state of South Carolina. *Yawn*. For a political blogger, like moi, this is not good news. Or am I being eccentric?


I suppose I could write short stories and write them intentionally badly. Would I know I was writing them so? Or do I write badly and think I don’t, now? It can get quite confusing in my head at times. It may be that I am on to something. Or am I being eccentric?


One of the drawbacks to having the ability to record television for later watching, is that in February I’m still watching Jared ads for Christmas chocolate diamonds. God they are awful aren’t they? And those Target girls romping in fake snow with their perky little mittens. An innovation in recording would be to do it minus the ads. But then, sigh, an hour, would be 52 minutes, and 30 would be 22, and how can one order one’s life without  strict adherence to 30 and 60 minute segments. I mean all of life is rationed this way. It would be too bold. Or am I being eccentric?


If you have nothing much to think about today:

 “they” does not agree with a singular, gender-neutral referent by the single feature of number, “he” also does not agree with its singular, gender-neutral referent by the single feature of gender.”

Got that? Well it refers to the statement:

  I saw someone, but I don’t think they saw me.”

Up until about 200 years ago, they was correct, even though someone is singular. But it was changed to “he” and is now claimed to be generic which it is not. It’s he. So should we change back? I actually think I’m being a bit eccentric here, now.


 When is redistribution good?

As the New York Times points out.

The OWS says that we are sick and tired of the 1% redistributing all wealth only to the top.

The 1% calls this a call for “redistributing wealth”.

 Or is it merely returning it to the lawful owners?

Surely, I’m being eccentric now.


Maureen Dowd has a rather fun little piece about our Mittens.  And there is no eccentricity about that at all.