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I suppose if you’ve been reading along the past week or so, you might have concluded that I was going a bit wiggers. Losin’ the mind, not playing with a full deck any more, seeing aliens under my bed.

Naw, I’m fine. It seems a good thing to do every now and then–purging the evil from the grey matter. The better to serve you, my chickies.  Just to prove that I still have some rational neurons zippin’ around the brain universe, I present you some find things you might well be interested in. If you are not, well, crap, there go my polls again.

First off is a really good piece by Frank Rich in the New York Magazine. Rich pretty much echos my sentiments when I’ve suggested that the tail the GOP establishment chose to grab hold of (the TeaNutz®) would one day turn around and show its fangs. Rich argues that the failure of Mittens to rise above 25% suggests that 75% of the GOP hates him and the Old Guard, and will, one way or the other take them down. Mittens may still be the candidate, but that doesn’t mean they will vote for him in the general election. Worth your reading.

I know he’s no longer relevant, but gosh, I sure miss Herm. Herm was the king of the unqualifieds, of which the field is bloated this year, and he had a way about him. He actually thought that his self-confident affirmations would be enough to power him forward. Actually old Herm never thought he would actually be considered a real candidate, yet there he was, catapulted into first place suddenly. Then of course we found out that the emperor had no clothes. No thoughts either, and no knowledge.

You probably saw Barbara Walter’s famous “What?” when Herm said that he would like to be Secretary of Defense. Well, he wasn’t kidding and frankly, I think the soft-in-the-head shuckster really thinks someone would consider him for the post. The Daily Caller, that bastion of level-headedness (not), gives you Herm’s seven reasons why he should be SOD. They amount to:

  1. He’s a proven leader  (being the head of anything apparently proves this)
  2. He’s not afraid of challenges (meaning he won’t go sit in the corner and pee on himself if something bad happens in the world.)
  3. He can make decisions (yeah Dubya could too, just not good ones)
  4. He knows how to prioritize (okay, I learned to count and put things in columns too Herm- by 2nd grade I believe)
  5. He knows how to listen to experts (learned that in Kindergarten I believe)
  6. He knows how to have strategic priorities (um see #4)
  7. He knows how to give an opinion to the boss (as well the mail boy might be called upon to do)

Damn Herm, we miss ya.

Many of you undoubtedly read Lisa Golden’s blog, That’s Why (on the bloglist). I do as well, and she had a great link that I thought you might really like to keep tucked in the favorites of your computer. It’s a long list of “free-education” sites, and other archived sites where you can look up just about anything, from learning a language to taking a math course, to looking up some obscure historical factoid.

You might generally like to bookmark the site itself which is Marc and Angel Hack Life. They had another post I liked called 30 books you should read before  turn 30.  I just love stuff like that. Seems like a good site to have in your back pocket.

Well, what a difference a week makes. Ricky (oops that darned Google searchie thingie) Santorum is the flav of the week. He is surging as they all do, but he has capped it at the precisely right moment, and may well register a win or second place. Ricky, who exemplifies just about everything is wrong with the GOP, is proof positive that it’s still “anybody by Mitt” as far as the rank and file (which is way way right of the Old Guard) is concerned.

So for the brief moment while Santorum matters: this is why he things that social programs are so very wrong–he thinks its kinda Christian to suffer, and also, he thinks that recipients of “welfare” in whatever guise, become beholden (and must for vote for) those who offered them a hand. And of course, that can never be good for Republicans who are stingy mother-******’s as everyone knows.

We are about to be released from Purgatory here in Iowa. Only hours away, the candidates will slink off to New Hampshire and drive those people batshit crazy for a few days. There is something very very bad about being first. These insufferable jackasses come and park their rears here and never leave. They are like the relative from hell who will not pack and go home. Nobody else has to suffer this kinda crap. What did we do to deserve this?

Inquiring minds wish to know.

We hear that the almost as irrelevant as Herm Cain, Michele Bachmann is touting herself as the American version of Margaret Thatcher. Well, we can sure say that she’s got half of the Iron Lady’s persona going for her. She’s batshit crazy. Now if she could just improve on her looks, she would do Mrs. Thatcher proud. Oh my bad. Shame on me. Wicked wicked woman. I should do penance. So I will. Promise.

Tootles there my fine friends. Ah, a new year, and still nary a flake of white caresses my porch.