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You know, there have always been small groups that picketed this or that thing. The Greenpeace folks, the PETA people. They remained small.

But then along came Arabs, mostly Muslims. And the world changed.

In Yemen, in Egypt, in Syria and in Libya, people took to the streets. And no matter what happened, they kept coming back. And they keep coming back.

Until finally America woke as well. And citizens, young and old, from all walks of life, took to the streets.

Elections were head in Russia. And they took to the streets to protest what they perceived to be a “fix.”

And they are meeting on global warming, and they have taken to the streets to plead for governments to stop the madness of doing nothing.

And it pretty much started with Muslims who risked life and limb and shamed the rest of the world into seizing their moment, and not “taking it any more.”

I wonder if the Oxford Dictionary will include “mike check” in the next edition?

The Beckian Lunatic Fringe (BLF) hates Occupy Wall Street. Which is ironic since they hate bank bailouts. But they love corporate giants and the rich. They do the bidding of the rich in the hopes that they too can be so one day. That ain’t gonna happen. Why don’t they get that?

When Herm was in the game, his screw-ups, which were numerous to say the least, went largely ignored by his followers. One could argue that Perry has made fewer, and not nearly as egregious. Yet, Herm was forgiven, and Perry was unceremoniously dumped. Why? Perry was immediately seen as someone who could not debate Obama. The crazy Right mouths that Obama is stupid, but they really know he isn’t, and they knew he would mop the floor with Perry.

So Perry was not electable. Herm on the other hand, in their dementia, was Black and in their bigoted heads, it meant he would bleed off the African-American vote as Herm enticed all the field hands off the Democratic plantation. They saw Herm as electable, and more important controllable as several GOP pundits were eager to reassure the racist Right.

That baseball player Pujols who played for the World Series champs, the Cardinals? He turned down a $22 million/year for 10 year contract with St. Louis to move to the Angels for about $25 million/year for 10 years.

Did that three million really make such a difference that you would abandon your team of many years?

More importantly, some have done a check on the cost of living between the two places, and it turns out Pujols will actually lose money by that analysis.

Why do we stand for paying people such sums for failing most of the time?

I believe it’s one of the top 12 questions Jesus will be asking when he returns.

Newt styles himself as an “intellectual” of sorts. Not the elite type as I’m sure he would re-assure the trailer voters he sucks up to. But some other kind, like the self-less ones who study just for the purpose of righting the record on our Founding Fathers real beliefs, our true foundations, and so forth.

Truthfully, we are woefully under-represented when it comes to intellectuals. A fine post by Gary Gutting, Professor of Philosophy at Notre Dame. He has a great idea. It of course has no chance of being used.

It looks like there will only be two candidates at the Trump debate: Santorum and Newt.

I don’t know how to react to that. It might be utterly boring, or more fun than watching Karl Rove getting a root canal. I just don’t know yet.

I wonder if Newt wishes he hadn’t? I bet he does.

Does Ricky have the nerve to attack?

The Donald can’t be pleased.

Did you known that the SIX heirs to the Walton (Wal-Mart) fortune, net worths are equal to that of 30%  (thirty percent) of the rest of Americans?

But they find it impossible to treat their employees with even a semblance of fairness in benefits and advancement.

Speaking of Karl Rove. His Crossroads Super Pac which is doing the most vicious ads around these days, has offered itself up on the irony bed. After first attacking Elizabeth Warren (running for Senator from MA), for being in “bed” with the Occupy Wall Street crowd, he now comes out with an ad attacking her for being in “bed” with. . .*drum roll* WALL STREET!

Got to love Karl. He treats the rabble GOP electorate for the unthinking, unknowledgeable folks they are. Trouble is, those are not nearly enough zombies to elect someone for dog-catcher in Hoboken.

Even Michael Steele wonders whether the GOP has a clue what Americans think about anything these days. He mopes they are getting way of tune with reality.

Looks like the Congressional GOP buffoons will try the usual end around play. Since they hold that majority in the House with no filibuster rule, they intend to pass a pay-roll tax bill with all sorts of awful amendments and then go home for the holidays, figuring that that leaves the ball in Harry Reid’s court.

Do they not see that we get the game?  Yet?

Another week has slipped on by. Is that ironic?