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Yes, well it has come to that hasn’t it?

I’m hearing that Establishment Republicans (the ones who actually run the party) may be giving a second look to Jon Huntsman. Now Jon is anathema to TeaNutz®.

But it must be remembered that ER’s only contact with TeaNutz® is to direct their driver to “tip the man”. They have long passed their usefulness, and ER’s struggle to rid themselves of the pesky upstarts who deign to think that they have “control” of the party.

Hey, who could have predicted this can-o-worms in the GOP?

Meanwhile, Mr. Newty has some sage advice for the scandal-ridden Hermanator:

Even as we speak, only a couple of hours before the “yessum, Masta” steps before the microphones and announces the future of his ill-starred campaign.

The man who claims that this is all a left-wing conspiracy “because the Administration is scared poop-less at the thought of REAL black man as the candidate”, will let us in on how things went with the Missus.

I suspect it revolves around these four points:

  1. Will the wife publically campaign for the Willie-won’t-stay-home?
  2. Does he need the federal off-setting campaign funds that require a stay past the first primary?
  3. Is the scandal now hurting his book sales?
  4. Will his speaking fee also take a hit?

The country? Aw shucks, when did that ever matter?

Mittens is starting to sweat. His “strategy” is suddenly not working. His idea that on a debate stage, he looked to be about the only thing rational worked until the Newtster came along. Newt, whatever you may think of his draconian crappy ideas, knows his stuff. And the Mittens has been forced to actually engage with the media. And it ain’t pretty. Not by a long shot. He looks petulant. He looks whiny. He looks like he is: a privileged white dude who thinks somehow he deserves this.

Over at da Blaze, Herm has fallen off. And there is zero support for Mittens. And Jon? Jon is not even worthy of the term RINO.

Perry? Long discarded as TSEFU (Too stupid even for us).

Michele? HMPG (Husband Marcus probably gay)

Paul? NSM (not sufficiently militaristic)

Santorum (HUH?)

Gingrich? Holding one’s nose improves the choice. But plenty of them consider him a flippy-floppy type.

I admit, these folks are so marginal that it may not matter. They do consider Fox Noise too too liberal for their taste.

Okay, so this one is funny, but not as funny as what was under it.

A sponsored link under this cartoon was entitled:

“Wholesale Caskets, 80% off” Get a fine selection of beautifully crafted caskets at discount prices! http://www.24HourCasket.com”

I  am not kidding you.

We live in a strange world.

Kris Humphries is asking for an annulment from 72-day wife Kim Kardashian. He is claiming fraud. The Contrarian wonders if he thought she was a virgin.

Meanwhile, reality continues to knock at an unanswered door:


I hope you had some good food on Thanksgiving.

I made a fatal mistake.

I made the world’s best dressing.

And we ate so much, that we ate it all up.

The Contrarian demands another big baking dish full of it for Christmas.

When will I learn?

If laughter is the best medicine, then I really owe the GOP and the TeaNutz® a lot. They have kept me pretty darn healthy in the last couple of years.

And that is a good thing.

I’m all for boycotting TeaNutz®.

Would that amount to refusing to buy pork rinds?

Certainly I can not watch NASCAR. But I don’t anyway.

I could support a fence being erected around trailer parks.

And not drink Budweiser. But I don’t do that either.

I could boycott t-shirts that are too short to cover bellies and butt cracks.

Yes, I could do that.

Any suggestions?

Anyway, keep you eyes open:


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