Turkeys Flying Out of My Butt

The GOP can be proud of one thing. They have been successful in keeping government small in one major respect:


Oh, I know. I said it yesterday. Did we actually expect the “Super Mario Dingbats” to come up with a deal?

Hell no.


Because although Democrats continue to offer real sacrifices when it comes to Medicare and Medicaid, Republicans will not consider raising any revenue. Now a few of them claim they want to, and no doubt some of them are sincere. Until.

Until John Boehner tells them that there is not a chance in HELL that he can push through even a 1 ¢ increase in taxes on the mega-rich puppeteers who control all of them. And the head puppeteer is the smarmy-grinning Grover Norquist who happily threatens anyone who dare withdraw from his “no tax pledge” that he will have them primaried.

And the beat goes on. Republicans who still retain some vestige of sanity (almost all of whom are not presently in elected positions) admit that revenue must be part of the package. They admit that Norquist, who hold no elected position has an insane amount of power and strangle-hold on the Party. A few brave souls have withdrawn from his “pledge” and will face his wrath.

It seems that the prudent thing to do, is for GOP politicos who face re-election in 2012, to do this:

  • Schedule a 15-minute spot on their district or states local station.
  • Lay out the reasons with expert opinions why they think it necessary to add taxes on the 1% to the mix to solve our problems.
  • Invite constituents to write, phone, or e-mail their opinion.
  • Indicate that you will publish the results after 60 days in the local newspapers.
  • Promise to abide by the results.

In other words, actually do the will of your constituency. Norquist makes his threats based on an assumption that every voter voted on one issue only–the non-raising of taxes. I doubt seriously that this is true. And more importantly, I suspect they are thinking of their own taxes, not those of corporate America nor those of the filthy rich.

I’m tired of this nonsense.

Meanwhile, . . .

While we are at it, I’m sick of Newt Gingrich and his stupidity. Now he wants to eliminate child labor laws, since “every really successful person he has ever know started working when they were 11 or 12.” Yeah. Let’s put them back in the mines Newt, you lousy excuse for a human being.

While we are at it, I’m sick of Mittens Romney. He has now lowered himself to the ranks of Sean Hannity. It’s cut and paste time for Mittens with his new ad, wherein he has Obama appear to say that “if we talk about the economy we are going to lose.” Actually what he said is “JOHN MCCAIN’S CAMPAIGN SAYS IF WE TALK ABOUT THE ECONOMY WE ARE GOING TO LOSE.” (From the 2008 campaign.)

Mittens must be feeling desperate.

The majors and their police forces who have moved against the OWS folks, forcibly and with extreme measures in some cases, are likely to encourage more folks in the US to support the movement in my opinion. Some disagree, and think that people will be dissuaded from entering the movement out of fear of injury or arrest.

I think that when we see the results of unbridled police attacks against quiet, peaceful, sitting demonstrators, it actually encourages people to get involved to support them.

One has only to look at the Middle East. The more vicious the attacks on Syrians and now Egyptians, the stronger and larger the commitment to oppose brutal attacks.

How can Americans duck into their homes out of fear of pepper sprays and arrest, when people in other parts of the world are laying down their very lives to support freedom and equality within their governments?

Could we stand the shame?

Can we accept the only conclusion then that we may talk a fine game, but in the end, we have become soft and compliant in our own demise?

Can we stand the shame?

Michele Bachmann suggests that if we allow marriage equality, the next thing that is sure to occur is that people will marry objects. Yeah know what? In the grand scheme of things, I don’t really care. I wish them all the happiness in the world. To grab a phrase that belongs to a certain Wasilla Mama, “that woman is an idiot.”

Paul Krugman has this great line about Grifter Newt:

“he’s a stupid man’s idea of what a smart man sounds like.”

h/t to Juanita Jean.

One of the stunning oddities of the extreme right is their double take on the President of the United States. On the one hand, he is rather stupid, unable to formulate a sentence without a teleprompter in front of him. They also seriously question whether he ever attended either Columbia or Harvard, reminding you that “nobody remembers ever seeing him.”

On the other hand, they tell you that this stupid man, who doesn’t understand economics, foreign policy, or the American people, is at the apex of a decades-long conspiracy to destroy America and replace it with an Islamic state. And to make  it worse, things are so far along that Americans must act “immediately” lest we lose any more of our “freedoms” because  Barry, (as they call him) is about ready to suspend the Constitution and declare himself “dictator for life.”

Now both of these can’t be true.

Yet, true to the fundamentalist mind, it is true for them, since wildly in opposite conclusions are simply compartmentalized in different parts of the mind, and never allowed to confront each other.

And that’s the truth, so help me God.

Got your bread drying out? Got the bird ready for a drink? Or are you feeding off a relative this Thursday?  Lucky you. Tomorrow will be brutal with a pie, dressing, a salad, and a side to get done. All for a meal that will last about 20 minutes. It is a crying shame to spend all this time! But I love it. 

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11 comments on “Turkeys Flying Out of My Butt

  1. Michael Hart says:

    Hey Sherry, thanks for the round up of teh stupid, and the reminder about that Thursday thingy. We don’t do turkeys anymore, since we watch’em 10 or 20 stroll by the house everyday scratchin’ for a few weed seeds… I’ll never understand how they get so big. But not sure what we’re having yet, other than the pie! I feel like smoking something— you know— in the smoker :cool:
    Have the best “20 minutes” ever; we will too.

    • Sherry says:

      We saw a lot of turkeys in the spring and summer, but not so much lately. We’ve only had one wild bird all the time we’ve been here. Smoking meat is awesome! Have a great holiday.

  2. okjimm says:

    Bachmann may have a point……

    //that is sure to occur is that people will marry objects.//

    … see, lately I have had this urge ot propose to my “Dark Side of the Moon”

  3. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    Well, I love chocolate so much I might propose. I see bridesmaids wearing dark mahogany chocolate dresses.

    It’s absolutely frightening that we have elected officials who are so afraid of their jobs, and so dismissive of their true constituents, that they’ll bend over and take it from Grover. If I knew that the politicians I voted for were more beholden to corporate interests AND ONE particular slimy bastard, I’d be raising hell. That’s not representative government. I’m going to find a photo of everyone of the Rs who signed the pledge and photoshop a dollar bill on their faces as a tattoo and do an entire post about them. I’m that riled up. I’m sickened by this.

    • Sherry says:

      It does defy logic to have someone sign a pledge for all time, regardless of circumstances. But of course Grover and his bunch of loons are only interested in this as a means to an end. Keeping taxes low, requires cutting spending, and that means dismantling social security, medicare, Medicaid, and virtually every program that is considered of help to working classes and the poor. Unemployment security will go next. They simply don’t care about the under class which they wish to see simply fade away.

  4. Reamus says:

    So far as I know, Newt, the disgraced former Speaker of the House is an object so maybe his next wife will be one. Michelle is in serious need of a high colonic and a ten mile hike. Silvio B. and Newt would make a fine pair of running mates I think, it is sad that a former Italian President and this beliver in whatever will make him money can’t get together because of ssome Costituytional requirement about natural born citizens.

    Have a great 20 minutes, Sherry and then maybe you can get out to the caucauses. Who knows, you could be a front runner for a day too. This bunch of assshats need someone to talk to that speaks English as well as you do.

    Peace and Thanksgiving.



    • Sherry says:

      Now, I had never thought about running. I would have to change my affiliation. I just love the current bunch of dopes. They are so damn funny, never a day goes by without a laugh. Have a great Holiday!

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  6. Hansi says:

    Thanksgiving mania is in full swing in the Hansi household; there’s gonna be twelve of us. Seems like the only thing to be thankful about is that nothing is permanent, as the Buddha said, and that this present insanity will also pass.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

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