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It would be an awful shame should one of the clowns in the GOP circus tent actually take a lead and keep it.

It would spoil all our fun.

And fun is what it’s about.

It’s not serious. The troubles of our country that is.

They have made that quite clear.

Not all genetic mutations are helpful.

Sometimes, they echo the death knell of the species.

Sometimes I think that is what has happened to the GOP.

They have been invaded by a bad gene.

It has spread wide and deeply within the genetic pool.

It is called the Tea Party.

Does he have a clue how much he tells us about himself?

Manly man?

What about women Mr. Cainster?

Oh, I think I get it.

I’m not afraid of abundance either.

I enjoy the abundance of your stupidity.

I enjoy the abundance of your hubris.

I enjoy the abundance of your lack of curiosity about the world.

Does that make me a womanly woman?

Does anyone remember her name?

We have a off-ramp in Cedar Rapids, where homeless men sit with signs.

I saw her there.

She had “vote for me” signs clutched in her hands.

Nobody stopped.

It was sad.

But her husband was getting some action behind the gas station with a few of the guys.

I guess that was something.

Does anyone remember her name?

And then.

You don’t really have to stretch a point to make one do you>

What I said about the gene pool?

Am I right?

Was this the state of Rome before the hordes from the North invaded?

We may be washed up upon the shores of extinction, but good God, well will laugh all the way.

And some say that religion is a bad thing.

But I don’t agree.

Sometimes the Church speaks with authority.

Sometimes it speaks for morality.

Sometimes it just speaks for plain old common sense.

Can I hear an amen?

Or a hallelujah?

Or a friendly nod?

Now let me get this straight.

People are losing their homes.

They can’t find work.

The party of small government.

The party of states rights.

The GOP pushes a bill through the House that guarantees that all gun toters can carry their weapons anywhere in the US, regardless of that state’s laws.

Which just goes to show you.

The good old days are almost never as good as you think.

Cuz back then, we only had silly Sarah to kick around.

And now we got bunches of certifiable nut jobs to giggle about.

So we are luckier in that sense.

I guess we should be grateful for that.

I don’t feel awfully lucky, I must confess.


Which brings us back to the Newtster.

He’s dressed all up and remade himself.

He’s got a pretty? plastic new wife.

He takes cruises in the Mediterranean in order to “assess the state of the EU debt crisis.”

He doesn’t lobby but offers “historical advice.”

And if you catch him in a lie, he puffs up his puffy self and screams at you and calls you names.

He’s big on family values you know. Psst! He’s a grifter.

Just relax.

Watch a little football.

Eat some chili.

Drink a beer.

But don’t mess with the cat.