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Pundits seem puzzled.

It makes perfect sense to me.

Puzzled about what you ask?

About the fact that polling suggests that Herm Cain’s lady woes don’t seem to be causing him any grief among his peeps.

I don’t find this odd at all.

There are NO MORE sacrificial lambs on the horizon for the TeaNutz® to glom on to. Santorum? Old “frothy mix” is a family joke who is a proven loser. Newt? Just too, too Establishment, and lazy to boot.

So, there is nobody left. Much as the Weally Hideously Insane Right (WHIR) would love to ditch the House Negro, they have nowhere else to turn. So, he’s it, for better or worse.

(PSST! Sarah! Now would be the time!)

Hey folks, this is free comedy. Enjoy it. Can you even imagine old Herm debating the President? I just may happen. That really hate Mitty that much.

Finally! At last! America finally ranks first in something. While slipping badly in terms of education, health, and almost any other indice you can think of, America leads the world in:


H/T to Joe.My.God for the pic.

I repeat. You cannot make this stuff up.

I swear.

I actually do swear when I read this stuff.

Joe Walsh, you know the idiot congressman from Illinois, the Obama hatin’ TeaNutz® one? The one who owes over $110K in back child support? The one who failed to show up for a court hearing regarding same? The one who spent thousands of his own money on his election campaign, and bled “poverty” when it came to taking care of his kids? That one. Remember him?

Well, the Family Research Council has awarded him its “Pro-Family” award. For being “100% true-blue supporter of family, faith and freedom.”


A serious up tick in the sale of bullet proof vests has been reported in Madison Wisconsin. Purchases are going on at a brisk pace, according to inside sources. The purchasers? Members of the Madison state legislature.


Republicans (WHIR), have voted to allow concealed weapons inside the capital and in the galleries. It should be noted that cameras and signs are still not allowed, as much to dangerous.

I’ve seen this twice today. Andrew Sullivan posted it. I give you a “whhhhat?”

“I’ve been as consistent as human beings can be,” – Mitt Romney.

Paul Krugman has a good OP-ED in the NYTimes. Is our democracy really a democracy any more?

Agent “Orange” was asked about how he felt about the influence of Grover Norquist over his House Republican caucus. Orange Slice answered:

It’s not often I’m asked about some random person in America,” he said. 

Yeah, sure John.

Super Muslim hater, Pamela Geller supports the Cain man, his limitations notwithstanding:

“I endorse Herman Cain. What he doesn’t know, we’ll teach him,” – Pamella Geller.

Pammie, you might want to talk to Ann Coulter and together you can figure out how to handle “your” blacks.

Excuse me, while I get mildly nauseous now.

We’re having Coney dogs for dinner, and you’re not.